Lynx Preseason Postgame Quotes: May 6, 2003

Lynx 86, Shock 72
Target Center

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Lynx Coach Suzie McConnell Serio
"I think they get an 'A' for effort. Obviously, as a coach, you can always find areas for most improvement. But eleven players put on a new uniform, and I was impressed with their chemistry. The enthusiasm the players played with — it was just fun to coach today."

"The key was stopping the transition. Cash loves to run. She's quick and aggressive, and she got Svet in foul trouble. We need to be able to defend their players inside and out. I feel that they missed a lot of easy shots early on. Next time we see them, they'll be a different team."

"We're going to need fewer turnovers, better rebounding… And that will come with reading people on the floor. We're going to need to get comfortable with the offense. It's a matter of making reads on how a defense reacts. They'll need to know where they're supposed to be and play together."

"Svet is someone familiar with the team. Sheri came in on her birthday, and the players had an initiation for her. They welcomed her and played with her. I have high expectations for a high draft pick like Teresa Edwards. She's a great player, and she's taking control from the beginning. We're still without two post players on our roster, and Kristi Harrower. And everyone is competing for spots right now."

Lynx Guard Katie Smith
"I thought we put on a good show, for our first game after only five days of practice. Our chemistry was good, and how hard we played was really good. I'm excited about what's happened so far, and what's to come. I like Suzie and Nancy. I'm excited about them being here. I know we can play well."

"They (Detroit) are finding their niche. They've got a lot of new faces, but I know they're going to be good. This game is not an indication of the rest of the season for them. They played hard. Their rebounding — they were relentless on the boards. When we play them in a week, it will be an entirely different story."

Lynx Guard Teresa Edwards
"I had a great time. We've been practicing really hard lately, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I know that we need to continue to get better. I feel fine, but I'm not trying to rush anything. There's no stress, no pressure… Hopefully we'll do better, but I've got good shooters and I've just got to get them the ball."

Lynx Forward Svetlana Abrosimova
"Of course we have goals. We always do well at the beginning (of the season) and struggle at the end. This year we have a fresh start, and we already feel like we're one step further now than we were at this time (last year)."