2010 WNBA Finals - Game 2 Quotes: Atlanta Dream

Sep 15 2010 12:05PM
The following is a collection of quotes from Atlanta Dream players and coaches after Game 2 of the 2010 WNBA Finals.

Head Coach Marynell Meadors

Can you talk about trying to keep the ball out of Sue Bird's hands and trying to disrupt them from getting it to her right away, and how you did that?

I thought we did that, but then Coco Miller did a great job defending her, so they ended up letting Tanisha Wright bring it up a lot, so I thought we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish along those lines.

Coach, correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression of your offensive strategy this year has been basically a quick strike offense and if the shot (Away from mic.) At one point they turned that upside down on you with 33 total fouls to 32 on your side 18 on the other side, and 37 trips to the line for them and 22 on your side. What did you do to stop that and can you speak specifically to the adjustments you're talking about making?

I haven't had a chance to look at the videotape of the game, but we did foul a lot. You know, I don't have any answer for you on that one, except that I thought we were aggressive and we got called for fouls. I thought there were way too many fouls called in this game.

You mentioned adjustments. Could you speak specifically about what you see yourself doing

I'm not going to say that because I haven't look at the tape yet, and that would go directly to Brian Agler; not going to do that. We'll let them figure that out when they come to Atlanta.

Can you talk about you guys sticking around in game one and tonight again, you're there and you come back and come back. Can you speak to that?

We never die. We never stop. We always play all the way to the end of the game, no matter the score, and we play as hard as we can, and I thought we fought back from a couple of deficits that maybe Seattle should have taken advantage of. I feel like we never quit, we keep coming at you, and we've got speed and quickness and balance and depth and we're going to continue to use that.

(No microphone.)

She is a veteran post, she hasn't played in the WNBA that many years, but she is accomplished in the international scene, and she brings in physicality, and she posts up well, and she is a good defender, so we looked to go to her a little more because we had players in foul trouble, and we had to be physical. You can't be soft out there; this is a very, very physical series.

Coach, the turnout tonight, I think it's good for women's basketball in general, stated attendance as 13,000. Do you see a turnout like that in Atlanta? And what will the home court bring you?

What we saw tonight and on Sunday afternoon, you'll see the same thing in Atlanta. We've got tickets selling like crazy. I think there will be well over 12, 13,000, at least that many.