2013 WNBA Transactions

Keep up to date on the latest transactions with WNBA.com's Transactions page. As front offices around the league start making moves throughout the 2013 season, this page will stand as your go-to source for all of the latest transactions including training camp contracts, signings and player releases. Check out the latest list of free agents, unrestricted free agents and core players on Player Movement Central.

Avery Warley CHISigned 9/11
Sharnee Zoll CHIWaived 9/11
Sasha Goodlett INDWaived 8/26
Joslyn Tinkle SEASigned 8/24
Chelsea Poppens SASSigned 8/13
DeLisha Milton Jones SASWaived 8/11
Jeffery, Janeesa NYSigned 8/5
James, Jasmine PHXSigned 8/4
Warley, Avery CHISigned 8/3
Hassell, Jasmine INDTerminated 8/3
Prahalis, Samantha NYExpired 8/3
Hassell, Jasmine SEASigned 8/3
Sanford, Nakia SEAExpired 8/3
Sam Prahalis PHOWaived 7/18
Jessica Adair PHOWaived 7/18
Sydney Carter CONWaived 7/16
Ashley Robinson SEASigned 7/12
Cierra Bravard SEAWaived 7/12
Cathrine Kraayeveld SANSIgned 7/11
Jessica Moore WASHWaived 7/6
Quanitra Hollingsworth WASH Signed 7/6
Erin Thorn IND Hardship contact terminated 7/6
Sancho Lyttle ATL Suspended list removal 7/5
Anne Marie Armstrong ATL Waived 7/5
Julie Wojta SAN Waived 7/3
Chante Black SAN Waived 7/3
Paris, Courtney TUL Signed 6/22
Hassell, Jasmine IND Signed 6/21
Prince, Epiphanny CHI Suspended List removal 6/20
Kayla Pedersen TUL Signed 6/20
Chante Black SAN Signed 6/20
Ashley Walker CON Waived 6/20
Ruth Riley ATL Signed 6/17
Sancho Lyttle ATL Temporarily Suspended 6/17 (overseas obligations)
Cheryl Ford NYL Waived 6/16
Avery Warley NYL Signed 6/16
Sydney Carter CON Signed 6/11
Courtney Paris TUL Waived 6/11
Iziane Castro Marques CON Signed 6/10
Natasha Lacy CON Waived 6/10
Erin Thorn IND Signed 6/6
Courtney Paris TUL Signed 6/6
Wojta, Julie SAS Signed 6/4
Hassell, Jasmine IND Terminated 5/25
Clarendon, Layshia IND Temp suspension removal 5/26
Prince, Epiphanny CHI Temp Suspension 6/3
Hassell, Jasmine IND Signed 5/24
Johannah Leedham CON Waived 5/23
Latoya Williams CON Waived 5/23
Ruth Riley CHI Waived 5/23
Shawnice Wilson MIN Waived 5/23
Julie Wojta SAS Waived 5/23
Yvonne Turner SAS Waived 5/23
Ziomara Morrison SAS Waived 5/23
Christine Flores SAS Waived 5/23
Shey Peddy WAS Waived 5/23
Courtney Paris TUL Waived 5/23
Chelsea Poppens SEA Waived 5/23
Sydney Carter ATL Waived 5/22
Jasmine HassellIND Waived 5/22
Shenneika Smith NY Waived 5/22
Ify Ibekwe PHO Waived 5/22
Nikki Greene PHO Waived 5/22
Gilbreath, Briana PHO Signed 5/22
Cathrine Kraayeveld ATL Waived 5/22
Erin Thorn PHO Waived 5/22
Jacki Gemelos MIN Waived 5/22
Janeesa Jeffrey MIN Waived 5/22
Kelley Cain NY Waived 5/21
Scholanda Dorrell TUL Waived 5/21
Megan Frazee PHO Waived 5/20
Jordan Madden SAN Waived 5/20
Alyssia Brewer LAS Waived 5/20
Briana Gilbreath LAS Waived 5/20
Chante Blacky TUL Waived 5/20
Amber Holt TUL Waived 5/20
Keisha Hampton SEA Waived 5/19
Samantha MacKay SEA Waived 5/19
Sonja Petrovic CHI Waived 5/18
Jessica Adair PHO Signed 5/18
Chatilla van Ginsven CON Waived 5/17
April Sykes LAS Waived 5/17
Jessica Moore WAS Signed 5/16
Shyra Ely IND Waived 5/16
Paola Ferrari LAS Waived 5/16
Tiffany Clark LAS Waived 5/16
Nicky Anosike LAS Waived 5/16
D┬ŁAndra Moss CHI Waived 5/16
Jessica Adair MIN Waived 5/16
Natalie Novosel WAS Waived 5/16
Drey Mingo WAS Waived 5/15
Moore, Loree NY Waived 5/14
Lewis, Doneeka TUL Waived 5/14
Lucas, Italee TUL Waived 5/14
Chambers, Brittany LA Waived 5/13
Taylor, Lindsay LA Waived 5/13
James, Jasmine SEA Waived 5/13
Redmon, Katelan SEA Waived 5/13
Bobbitt, Shannon WAS Waived 5/12
Corral, Ashley WAS Waived 5/12
Warley, Avery WAS Waived 5/12
Stokes, Amber SAN Waived 5/12
Gray-Lawson, Alexis SEA Waived 5/12
Spears, Brittany TUL Waived 5/11
Mosby, Bernice IND Waived 5/9
Penn, Karisma NY Waived 5/9
Childs, Jalana PHX Waived 5/9
Prins, Anna CON Waived 5/8
Smith, Andrea CON Waived 5/8
Harper, Laura IND Waived 5/6
Coleman, Marissa LAS Signed 5/6
Gray-Lawson, Alexis SEA Signed 5/5
Shegog, Chay SEA Waived 5/4
Spears, Brittany TUL Signed 5/3
Smith, Tangela SAN Waived 5/2
Stokes, Amber SAN Signed 5/2
Bone, Kelsey NYL Signed 5/1
Williams, Kamiko NYL Signed 5/1
Young, Toni NYL Signed 5/1
Clements, Courtney ATL Signed 4/30
Faris, Kelly CON Signed 4/30
Diggins, Skylar TUL Signed 4/30
Jones, Britney CHI Signed 4/29
Clarendon, Layshia IND Signed 4/29
Hassell, Jasmine IND Signed 4/29
Lucas, Italee TUL Signed 4/29
Meesseman, Emma WAS Signed 4/29
Mathies, A'dia LAS Signed 4/26
Moore, Lindsey MIN Signed 4/26
Alverson, Blanche ATL Signed 4/25
Bentley, Alex ATL Signed 4/25
Brewer, Alyssia LAS Signed 4/25
Chambers, Brittany LAS Signed 4/25
Clarke, Tiffany LAS Signed 4/25
Taylor, Lindsay LAS Signed 4/25
MacKay, Samantha SEA Signed 4/25
Hawkins, Tianna SEA Signed 4/25
Poppens, Chelsea SEA Signed 4/25
Jeffery, Janeesa (Chucky) MIN Signed 4/24
Rodgers, Ta'Shauna (Sugar) MIN Signed 4/24
Pope, Brooklyn CHI Signed 4/24
Prins, Anna CON Signed 4/24
Goodrich, Angel TUL Signed 4/24
Delle Donne, Elena CHI Signed 4/23
Mingo, Drey WAS Signed 4/23
Smith, Andrea CON Signed 4/22
Armstrong, Anne Marie ATL Signed 4/22
Alexander, Kayla SAN Signed 4/22
Whyte, Davellyn SAN Signed 4/22
James, Jasmine SEA Signed 4/22
Hill, Tayler WAS Signed 4/22
Ruffin-Pratt, Tierra WAS Signed 4/19
Greene, Nikki PHX Signed 4/19
Wilson, Shawnice MIN Signed 4/18
Moore, Loree NYL Signed 4/18
Penn, Karisma NYL Signed 4/18
Frazee, Megan PHX Signed 4/18
Redmon, Katelan SEA Signed 4/18
Madden, Jordan SAN Signed 4/17
Van Grinsven, Chatilla CON Signed 4/16
Hampton, Keisha SEA Signed 4/15; 2012 draft pick Rd 2 (22)
Bonner, DeWanna PHX Signed 4/11
Bobbitt, Shannon WAS Signed 4/4
Peddy, Shey WAS Signed 4/4
Gilbreath, Briana LAS Signed 4/3
Gemelos, Jacki MIN Signed 4/1; drafted 3rd round 2012
Moss, D'Andra CHI Signed 3/29
Campbell, Michelle CHI Signed 3/27
Carter, Sydney ATL Signed 3/18
Young, Tamera CHI Signed 3/18
Mosby, Bernice IND Signed 3/15
Ford, Cheryl NYL Signed 3/12
Thorn, Erin PHX Signed 3/11
Flores, Christine SAN Signed 3/11
Bravard, Cierra SEA Signed 3/11
Shegog, Chay SEA Signed 3/5
Childs, Jalana PHX Signed 3/5
Ibekwe, Ify PHX Signed 3/5
Milton-Jones, DeLisha SAN Signed 3/5
Clark, Alysha SEA Signed 3/5
Quigley, Allie CHI Signed 3/4
Braxton, Kara NYL Signed 3/4
McCarville, Janel MIN Sign & Trade 3/1 with NY
Nolan, Deanna NYL Sign & Trade 3/1 with TUL
Powell, Nicole TUL Traded to TUL from NY 3/1
Wiggins, Candice TUL Sign & Trade 3/1 with MINN
Breland, Jessica IND Signed 2/27
Ely-Gash, Shyra IND Signed 2/27
Ferrari, Paola LAS Signed 2/26
O'Hea, Jenna LAS Signed 2/26
Vaughn, Kia WAS Sign and trade 2/26 from NY to WASH
Leedham, Johanna CON Signed 2/25
Carson, Essence NYL Signed 2/25
Smith, Katie NYL Signed 2/25
Hodges-Lewis, Doneeka TUL Signed 2/22
Harper, Laura IND Signed 2/21
Larkins, Erlana IND Signed 2/21
Lacy, Natasha CON Signed 2/20
Walker, Ashley CON Signed 2/20
Williams, Latoya CON Signed 2/20
Thomas, Jasmine ATL Traded 2/18 from WASH to ATL
Henry, Aneika ATL Signed 2/14
Willingham, Le'Coe ATL Signed 2/14
Zoll, Sharnee CHI Signed 2/18
Sanford, Nakia SEA Signed 2/20
Jones (Jackson), Tiffany TUL Signed 2/19
Toliver, Kristi LAS Signed 2/13
Jarry, Rachel MIN Signed rookie contract (drafted 2011) 2/11
Johnson, Temeka SEA Signed 2/7
Quinn, Noelle SEA Signed 2/7
Wauters, Ann SEA Waived 2/7
Corral, Ashley WAS Signed 2/7
Warley, Avery WAS Signed 2/7
Harding, Lindsey LAS Signed 2/6
Hodges, Roneeka TUL Signed 2/6
McCoughtry, Angel ATL Signed 2/5
Black, Chante TUL Signed 2/5
Montgomery, Renee CON Signed 2/4
Catchings, Tamika IND Signed 2/4
January, Briann IND Signed 2/4
Zellous, Shavonte IND Signed 2/4
Kizer, Lynetta PHX Signed 2/4
Thomas, Krystal PHX Signed 2/4
Morrison, Ziomara SAN Signed 2/4
Perkins, Jia SAN Signed 2/4
Turner, Yvonne SAN Signed 2/4
Wojta, Julie SAN Signed 2/4
Paris, Courtney TUL Signed 2/4
Holt, Amber TUL Signed 2/1
Latta, Ivory WAS Signed 2/1
Adair, Jessica MIN Signed 1/17
Thorn, Erin MIN Waived 1/11
Lacey, Alison SEA Waived 1/11