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Keep up to date on the latest transactions with’s Transactions page. As front offices around the league make moves leading up to and throughout the 2018 season, this page will stand as your go-to source for all of the latest transactions, including trades, signings and player releases.

August 19, 2018
New York Rogers, Sugar Contract Extension
Minnesota Robinson, Danielle Contract Extension
Dallas Lucas, Maggie Contract Signed (Rest of Season)
August 17, 2018
Atlanta Elonu, Adaora Contract Signed (Rest of Season)
August 14, 2018
Minnesota Colson, Sydney Contract Signed (Rest of Season)
August 13, 2018
Minnesota Miyem, Endy Waived
August 12, 2018
Phoenix Peters, Devereaux Contract Signed – Rest-of-Season
August 10, 2018
Atlanta Elonu, Adaora Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
August 9, 2018
Atlanta Hayes, Tiffany Contract Extension
August 5, 2018
Phoenix Peters, Devereaux Contract Signed – 2nd 7-day
July 30, 2018
Minnesota Larkins, Erlana Contract Signed – Rest-of-Season
July 29, 2018
Phoenix Peters, Devereaux Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
July 25, 2018
Atlanta Prince, Alexis Contract Signed – Rest-of-Season
Chicago Harper, Linnae Contract Signed – Rest-of-Season
July 23, 2018
Dallas Powers, Aerial Traded to Washington
Washington Hill, Tayler Traded to Dallas
July 19, 2018
Minnesota Larkins, Erlana Contract Signed – 2nd 7-day
July 18, 2018
Chicago Harper, Linnae Contract Signed – 3rd 7-day
Atlanta Prince, Alexis Contract Signed – 3rd 7-day
July 12, 2018
Minnesota Larkins, Erlana Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
July 11, 2018
Atlanta Prince, Alexis Contract Signed – 2nd 7-day
Chicago Harper, Linnae Contract Signed – 2nd 7-day
Chicago Harris, Amber Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
July 9, 2018
Atlanta Clarendon, Layshia Traded to Connecticut (Clarendon and a 2019 second round pick were traded in exchange for Bentley)
Connecticut Bentley, Alex Traded to Atlanta
July 5, 2018
Minnesota Kizer, Lynetta Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
July 4, 2018
Atlanta Prince, Alexis Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
Chicago Harper, Linnae Contract Signed – 1st 7-day
July 1, 2018
Indiana Pondexter, Cappie Signed
Chicago Harper, Linnae Waived
June 30, 2018
Atlanta Lucas, Maggie Waived
Indiana Ben Abdelkader, Hind Waived
Minnesota Kizer, Lynette Waived
June 29, 2018
Dallas Muldrow, Teana Waived
June 28, 2018
Los Angeles Pondexter, Cappie Waived
June 24, 2018
Los Angeles Samuelson, Karlie Signed
June 17, 2018
Indiana Gwathmey, Jazmon Waived
Indiana Taylor, Asia Contract Signed
June 15, 2018
Las Vegas Coffey, Nia Activated
Las Vegas Holmes, Sequoia Released
June 12, 2018
Dallas Muldrow, Teana Contract Signed
June 10, 2018
Los Angeles Vadeeva, Maria Activated
June 8, 2018
Las Vegas Holmes, Sequoia Signed
June 6, 2018
Minnesota Miyem, Endy Signed
June 3, 2018
Dallas George, Cayla Signed
Dallas Lewis, Breanna Waived
May 31, 2018
Dallas Chong, Saniya Waived
Dallas Romero, Leticia Contract Signed
May 30, 2018
Seattle Russell, Mercedes Signed
Seattle Muldrow, Teana Waived
May 29, 2018
Chicago Vandersloot, Courtney Activated
Los Angeles Lavender, Jantel Activated
Phoenix Robinson, Angel Signed
May 28, 2018
Los Angeles Samuelson, Karlie Released
Phoenix Wright, Imani Waived
May 27, 2018
Chicago Bulgak, Adut Waived
Chicago Hopkins, Chelsea Waived
Chicago Ndour, Astou Activated
May 26, 2018
New York Russell, Mercedes Released
New York Vaughn, Kia Activated
May 23, 2018
Las Vegas Louis, Raigyne Waived
Las Vegas McBride, Kayla Activated
Las Vegas Plum, Kelsey Activated
Las Vegas Schimmel, Shoni Waived
May 20, 2018
New York Russell, Mercedes Contract Signed
May 19, 2018
Las Vegas Allen, Lindsay Waiver Claim
Los Angeles Samuelson, Karlie Contract Signed
May 17, 2018
Atlanta Elonu, Adaora Waived
Chicago Hooper, Jordan Waived
Chicago Ndour, Astou Suspended – Temporary*
Chicago Vandersloot, Courtney Suspended – Temporary*
Indiana Larkins, Erlana Waived
Las Vegas Ayayi, Valeriane Waived
Las Vegas Colson, Sydney Waived
Las Vegas Harrison, Isabelle Suspended – Temporary*
Las Vegas McBride, Kayla Suspended – Temporary*
Las Vegas Plum, Kelsey Suspended – Temporary*
Las Vegas William, Morgan Waived
Los Angeles Anderson, Jolene Waived
Los Angeles Bass, Mistie Waived
Los Angeles Dabovic, Ana Suspended – Full Season
Los Angeles Jensen, Kaylee Waived
Los Angeles Lavender, Jantel Suspended – Temporary*
Los Angeles Samuelson, Karlie Waived
Los Angeles Thomas, Shakayla Waived
Los Angeles Vadeeva, Maria Suspended – Temporary*
Minnesota Miyem, Endy Waived
New York Allen, Lindsay Waived
New York Gray, Reshanda Waived
New York Russell, Mercedes Waived
New York Vaughn, Kia Suspended – Temporary*
Seattle Crvendakic, Aleksandra Waived
Washington Peters, Devereaux Waived
*Not yet with team
May 16, 2018
Atlanta Engram, Mackenzie Waived
Connecticut George, Cayla Waived
Connecticut Greene, Nikki Waived
Connecticut January, Jessica Waived
Connecticut Romero, Leticia Waived
Las Vegas Burdick, Cierra Waived
Las Vegas Holmes, Sequoia Waived
Las Vegas Slaughter, Ivey Waived
Phoenix Harden, Alex Waived
Phoenix Musina, Raisa Waived
Seattle Hillsman, Khaalia Waived
Seattle McPhee, Brittany Waived
May 15, 2018
Chicago Alston, Ameryst Waived
Indiana Graves, Bashaara Waived
Indiana Peterson, Alexis Waived
Indiana Pohlen-Mavunga, Jeanette Waived
Las Vegas Schimmel, Shoni Contract Signed
Los Angeles McCarty, Brooke Waived
Los Angeles Westbeld, Kathryn Waived
Minnesota Alleyne, Jillian Waived
Minnesota Berkani, Lisa Suspended – Full Season
Minnesota Wagner, Carlie Waived
Minnesota Zimmerman, Camille Waived
New York Stokes, Kiah Contract Extension
Seattle Loyd, Jewell Contract Extension
Seattle Mosqueda-Lewis, Kaleena Contract Extension
Washington Hightower, Allison Waived
May 14, 2018
Dallas Akhator, Evelyn Waived
Dallas Hamblin, Ruth Waived
New York Faris, Kelly Waived
New York Murphy, Shay Waived
Phoenix Cannon, Emmaa Waived
Phoenix Prince, Alexis Waived
Washington Alix, AJ Waived
Washington Taylor, Asia Waived
May 13, 2018
Atlanta Julien, Rosemarie Waived
May 12, 2018
New York Schimmel, Shoni Waived
May 11, 2018
Phoenix Nelson, Chelsea Waived
Phoenix White, Chatrice Waived
Seattle Clark, Alysha Contract Extension
May 10, 2018
Chicago Bennett, Renee Waived
Dallas Butler, Natalie Waived
Dallas Goodwin, Loryn Waived
Las Vegas Lawrence, Khalia Waived
Los Angeles Ortiz, Gabbi Waived
Los Angeles Reimer, Taya Waived
May 9, 2018
Chicago Coleman, Amarah Waived
Las Vegas Johnson, Brooke Waived
Minnesota Barta, Jill Waived
Minnesota Pierre-Louis, Vionise Waived
Minnesota Richardson, Breanna Waived
New York Morgan, Kolby Waived
New York Robinson, Leslie Waived
Seattle Potter, Emily Waived
May 8, 2018
Connecticut Buss, Tyra Waived
Las Vegas Gemelos, Jacki Waived
Washington Atkinson, Tanaya Waived
Washington Moore, Tinara Waived
May 7, 2018
Indiana Hamson, Jennifer Waived
May 6, 2018
Minnesota Alleyne, Jillian Contract Signed
May 5, 2018
Los Angeles Bando, Lexi Waived
Los Angeles Lindstrom, Jessica Waived
May 4, 2018
Atlanta Hart, Alexa Waived
Indiana Simms, Jennie Waived
Minnesota Davis, G’mrice Waived
Phoenix Mitchell, Leilani Contract Extension
May 3, 2018
Chicago Bennett, Renee Contract Signed
Connecticut Cave, Khadijiah Waived
Connecticut Cowling, Mikayla Waived
New York Alleyne, Jilian Waived
New York Brown, Tashia Waived
New York Hollivay, Rachel Waived
May 2, 2018
Chicago Epps, Makayla Waived
Chicago Harris, Amber Waived
May 1, 2018
New York Coleman, Marissa Contract Signed
New York Johnson, Roshunda Waived
April 28, 2018
Los Angeles Reimer, Taya Contract Signed
Los Angeles Westbeld, Kathryn Contract Signed
April 27, 2018
Los Angeles Diarra, Maimouna Waived
Los Angeles Grant-Allen, Saicha Waived
Los Angeles Jackson, Tiffany Waived
New York Schimmel, Shoni Contract Signed
Washington Greenwell, Rebecca Suspended – Full Season
April 26, 2018
Phoenix Musina, Raisa Contract Signed
Phoenix Scaife, Tyler Waived
April 25, 2018
Indiana Coleman, Marissa Waived
Indiana Peterson, Alexis Contract Signed
April 24, 2018
Connecticut Buss, Tyra Contract Signed
Connecticut Griffin, Kelsey Waived
April 23, 2018
Chicago Harris, Amber Contract Signed
Connecticut Cave, Khadijiah Contract Signed
Connecticut Greene, Nikki Contract Signed
Indiana Vivians, Victoria Contract Signed
New York Mercedes, Russell Contract Signed
April 20, 2018
Chicago Williams, Gabby Contract Signed
Indiana Graves, Bashaara Contract Signed
New York Brown, Tashia Contract Signed
New York Johnson, Roshunda Contract Signed
New York Morgan, Kolby Contract Signed
New York Nurse, Kia Contract Signed
New York Robinson, Leslie Contract Signed
Phoenix Gülich, Marie Contract Signed
April 19, 2018
Atlanta Billings, Monique Contract Signed
Dallas Stevens, Azura Contract Signed
Phoenix White, Chatrice Contract Signed
April 18, 2018
Atlanta Engram, Mackenzie Contract Signed
Chicago Graves, Bashaara Rights Renounced
Las Vegas Johnson, Brooke Contract Signed
Las Vegas Lawrence, Kahlia Contract Signed
Las Vegas Wilson, A’ja Contract Signed
Los Angeles Jensen, Kaylee Contract Signed
Los Angeles Lindstrom, Jessica Contract Signed
Los Angeles Thomas, Shakayla Contract Signed
Phoenix Nelson, Chelsea Contract Signed
Seattle Hillsman, Khaalia Contract Signed
Seattle Potter, Emily Contract Signed
April 17, 2018
Chicago Coleman, Amarah Contract Signed
Chicago DeShields, Diamond Contract Signed
Connecticut Cowling, Mikayla Contract Signed
Indiana Mavunga, Stephanie Contract Signed
Indiana Mitchell, Kelsey Contract Signed
Las Vegas Louis, Raigyne Contract Signed
Las Vegas Nared, Jaime Contract Signed
Las Vegas Park, Ji-Su Contract Signed
Los Angeles Bando, Lexi Contract Signed
Los Angeles Bass, Mistie Contract Signed
Los Angeles McCarty, Brooke Contract Signed
Los Angeles Ortiz, Gabbi Contract Signed
Los Angeles Vadeeva, Maria Contract Signed
Minnesota Barta, Jill Contract Signed
Minnesota Davis, G’mrice Contract Signed
Minnesota Pierre-Louis, Vionise Contract Signed
Minnesota Wagner, Carlie Contract Signed
Minnesota Zimmerman, Camille Contract Signed
Phoenix Scaife, Tyler Contract Signed
Phoenix Wright, Imani Contract Signed
Seattle Canada, Jordin Contract Signed
Seattle Muldrow, Teana Contract Signed
Seattle Peterson, Alexis Waived
Washington Atkinson, Tanaya Contract Signed
Washington Greenwell, Rebecca Contract Signed
Washington Moore, Tinara Contract Signed
April 16, 2018
Chicago Hopkins, Chelsea Contract Signed
Connecticut Brown, Lexie Contract Signed
Dallas Butler, Natalie Contract Signed
Dallas Goodwin, Loryn Contract Signed
Seattle McPhee, Brittany Contract Signed
Washington Alix, AJ Contract Signed
Washington Atkins, Ariel Contract Signed
Washington Hines-Allen, Myisha Contract Signed
April 14, 2018
Las Vegas William, Morgan Contract Signed
April 13, 2018
Atlanta Hart, Alexa Contract Signed
Atlanta Julien, Rosemarie Contract Signed
Atlanta Leuchanka, Yelena Waived
Chicago Harper, Linnae Contract Signed
April 12, 2018
Atlanta Holmes, Bria Traded
April 11, 2018
Las Vegas Gemelos, Jacki Contract Signed
April 10, 2018
New York Hollivay, Rachel Contract Signed
New York Murphy, Shay Contract Signed
New York Ibekwe, Ify Waived
April 6, 2018
New York Charles, Tina Contract Signed
April 5, 2018
Atlanta Leuchanka, Yelena Contract Signed
March 27, 2018
Chicago Ameryst, Alston Contract Signed
March 24, 2018
Seattle Montgomery, Lanay Waived
March 22, 2018
Connecticut January, Jessica Contract Signed
Phoenix Harden, Alex Contract Signed
March 19, 2018
Las Vegas Ayayi, Valeriane Contract Signed
March 13, 2018
Las Vegas Colson, Sydney Contract Signed
Minnesota Wright, Tanisha Contract Signed
March 9, 2018
Atlanta Dietrick, Blake Contract Signed
March 6, 2018
Indiana Dupree, Candice Contract Signed
Indiana January, Briann Traded to Phoenix
Phoenix Robinson, Danielle Traded to Minnesota
Seattle Langhorne, Crystal Contract Signed
February 28, 2018
Las Vegas McBride, Kayla Contract Signed
February 27, 2018
Dallas Christmas-Kelly, Karima Contract Signed
Las Vegas Burdick, Cierra Contract Signed
Las Vegas Holmes, Sequoia Contract Signed
Las Vegas Slaughter, Ivey Contract Signed
February 26, 2018
Minnesota Richardson, Breanna Contract Signed
February 24, 2018
New York Gray, Rashada Contract Signed
February 22, 2018
Chicago Ndour, Astou Contract Signed
New York Alleyne, Jillian Contract Signed
February 21, 2018
Los Angeles Jackson, Tiffany Contract Signed
February 20, 2018
Chicago Bulgak, Adut Contract Signed
Chicago Montgomery, Alex Contract Signed
New York Faris, Kelly Contract Signed
New York Ibekwe, Ify Contract Signed
February 16, 2018
Chicago Faulkner, Jamierra Contract Signed
February 15, 2018
Chicago Dolson, Stefanie Contract Signed
February 14, 2018
Atlanta Dantas, Damiris Contract Signed
Indiana Abdelkader, Hind Ben Contract Signed
Los Angeles Pondexter, Cappie Contract Signed
February 13, 2018
Atlanta Elonu, Adaora Contract Signed
Indiana Johnson, Shenise Contract Signed
Phoenix Bonner, DeWanna Contract Signed
February 9, 2018
Indiana Pohlen-Mavunga, Jeanette Contract Signed
New York Allen, Lindsay Contract Signed
New York Allen, Rebecca Contract Signed
New York Hartley, Bria Contract Signed
New York Vaughn, Kia Contract Signed
February 8, 2018
Atlanta McCoughtry, Angel Contract Signed
February 7, 2018
Connecticut Griffin, Kelsey Contract Signed
Connecticut Laney, Betnijah Contract Signed
Connecticut Romero, Leticia Contract Signed
Minnesota Howard, Natasha Traded to Seattle
Minnesota Kizer, Lynetta Contract Signed
Minnesota Miyem, Endy Contract Signed
Minnesota Zandalasini, Cecilia Contract Signed
February 6, 2018
Indiana Hamson, Jennifer Contract Signed
Indiana Simms, Jennie Contract Signed
Los Angeles Anderson, Jolene Contract Signed
Los Angeles Beard, Alana Contract Signed
Los Angeles Grant-Allen, Saicha Contract Signed
Washington Meesseman, Emma Suspended – Full Season
February 5, 2018
Chicago Coates, Alaina Contract Signed
Chicago Hooper, Jordan Contract Signed
Connecticut Thomas, Alyssa Contract Signed
Dallas Cambage, Liz Contract Signed
Indiana Wheeler, Erica Contract Signed
Phoenix Little, Camille Contract Signed
Seattle Crvendakic, Aleksandra Contract Signed
Seattle Quinn, Noelle Contract Signed
Seattle Tokashiki, Ramu Suspended – Full Season
Washington Peters, Devereaux Contract Signed
Washington Taylor, Asia Contract Signed
February 2, 2018
Atlanta Breland, Jessica Contract Signed
Chicago Quigley, Allie Contract Signed
Dallas Plaisance, Theresa Contract Signed
Phoenix Bone, Kelsey Signed and Traded to Las Vegas
Phoenix George, Cayla Signed and Traded to Connecticut
Seattle Paris, Courtney Contract Signed
Washington Hawkins, Tianna Contract Signed
Washington Hightower, Allison Contract Signed
Washington Sanders, LaToya Contract Signed
February 1, 2018
Connecticut Stricklen, Shekinna Contract Signed
Atlanta Montgomery, Renee Contract Signed
Atlanta Lucas, Maggie Contract Signed
Dallas Thornton, Kayla Contract Signed
Las Vegas Alexander, Kayla Traded to Indiana
Las Vegas Swords, Carolyn Contract Signed
Las Vegas Young, Tamera Contract Signed
Los Angeles Dabovic, Ana Contract Signed
Los Angeles Samuelson, Karlie Contract Signed
Los Angeles Sims, Odyssey Contract Signed
Minnesota Brunson, Rebekkah Contract Signed
Phoenix Cannon, Emma Contract Signed
Phoenix Lyttle, Sancho Contract Signed
Phoenix Turner, Yvonne Contract Signed
Seattle Whitcomb, Sami Contract Signed
Washington Currie, Monique Contract Signed