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“Martin Luther King, Jr. has touched the lives of so, so many and he’s one of the first thoughts I have when thinking about Black History Month. Although he died in 1968, he’s really not that far removed from my generation. As an athlete, I was able to attend a D-I University, but my parents who were academically and athletically gifted instead chose to attend a HBCU because that was the opportunity presented. Because of this, my parents always let me and my sisters know that the things we were and are able to enjoy were because of leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., who paved the way and opened closed doors. His fight for equality and human rights is actually still continuing today. Although Martin Luther King, Jr. is the first who comes to mind, there are so many others who took part in allowing me to be who I am today. With so many heroes and so many stories that need to be told, I think we might need more than just a month.” – Renee Montgomery, Atlanta Dream guard