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Q & A with Coach Laimbeer

Find out what Detroit Shock head coach Bill Laimbeer had to say as he prepared for the Eastern Conference Finals against the Connecticut Sun:

Do you think your players play the way you played when you were in the NBA?
"I hope so. They way I played was very cerebral. I showed up every night for practice or the game. I was very intense mentally because that is where the game is won. I played as hard as I could at all times and just attacked. That is how I played and how I assume (my players) are going to play."

Do you expect this series to be different than when you faced the Sun in the regular season?
"Every time you play a team in the playoffs they are [different than when you played them in the regular season]. They make better adjustments and are more focused than in the regular season. They also have time to prepare just for one team for numerous games, so we anticipate some different stuff from [Connecticut] tomorrow, and defense will always be heightened in the playoffs. We expect a better defensive effort from them. [Connecticut] is athletic and they shoot well and can score. Thats when we really need to lock down on our defense and try and stop some of their scorers. You cant stop everybody so hopefully not everybody gets off for them."

Can you talk a little about how often the Shock seems to be at the free throw line?
"We go to the free throw line a lot because we are aggressively attacking the basket at all times. We pound the ball inside relentlessly and we make the defense really work. We are aggressively attacking the basket; thats why we go to the line so many times. We get a lot of opposing coaches that complain a lot about how many times we go to the line and the referees in the game will tell them that they are shooting jump shots and we are attacking the basket. Enough said."