Brittney Griner Brings It All to the Block Party

Brittney Griner is an athletic enigma.

According to her teammates, Griner (or BG as they call her) is an "athlete," a "protector," and a "life-saver" when they run into trouble on defense, but you'd never know it from her post-game interviews where we spent a few minutes talking about the game before the conversation turns to her pre-game meals (which, in this case, happened to be candy corn pumpkins).

Enigma or not, one thing we can all agree about BG is that she forces people to change their shots. Part of that is her towering 6'8" frame, but she didn't win Defensive Player of the Year by just standing there.

"What sets her apart is her agility and ability to move side to side," Diana Taurasi said after the game. "Obviously her length and her athleticism speaks for itself, but shes more than just a 68 post player, shes an athlete. And she knows when to use it."

There was no question that Griner was a standout in this game. She set a WNBA Finals record for most blocks in a quarter just seven minutes into the first quarter with five blocks. Later on, she raked in three more blocks setting the WNBA Finals record for most blocks in a game with eight.

While this says a lot about Griner's defense by itself, it also says a lot for Phoenix's defense on a whole.

"Shes a force down there," Penny Taylor said of Griner's role. "When we know shes got our back in the key and she protects the basket the way she does we can afford to be more aggressive on the perimeter and then we can do a lot of different things knowing that shes so good at anticipating when we need help and protecting the rim the way she does."

Defense aside, Brittney Griner also contributed 12 points. A few key putbacks and a few of off pick and rolls that she made look easy.

It's not wonder this Phoenix team and Griner herself are breaking records left and right. But BG doesn't think about that when there's still a title on the line.

"It feels good, you know. It feels really good to be breaking all these records ,but theyre not gonna mean anything until we win the championship," she said.

And just for good measure, you can be sure she'll be going into Game 2 with the same mindset as she did in Game 1 (and every game this season for that matter):

"I'll just keep doing the same thing. Eat some candy, drink some soda., play a basketball game."