UConn’s Draft Prospects Give Scouting Reports On Each Other

BRISTOL, Conn. – After winning an unprecedented fourth National Championship, the focus for the UConn trio of Moriah Jefferson, Breanna Stewart and Morgan Tuck almost immediately shifted to the WNBA Draft. Before they hear their names called thursday (7PM ET, ESPN 2), see what they had to say about each other’s skill sets and what they can bring to a WNBA team.

Breanna Stewart on Moriah Jefferson
I think with Mo’ she is obviously a great leader. Playing the point guard position she has to be the floor general, the playmaker. And with that she uses her skills and her quickness very well.

Morgan Tuck on Moriah Jefferson
She’s like the heartbeat of the team. She knows how to use her quickness. And what makes it really hard for teams is they used to guard her like ‘oh you can just let her shoot it’, but now you can’t let her shoot it. So I think that’s why she’s really unstoppable. If you’re up on her, she can go by you, but if you’re sagging off, she can hit a three.

I think something she also added is a pull-up game. She’s really gotten better at knowing when to stop, when to go all the way in, so I think she’s a tough match-up.

Moriah Jefferson on Breanna Stewart
You find yourself just kind of sitting there watching her, some of the athletic plays she makes during the game. To have the chance to play with both of them (Stewart and Tuck), I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Morgan Tuck on Breanna Stewart
I guess the one thing a lot of teams try to do is be physical with her. But she’s gotten way better at dealing with that. She doesn’t get as frustrated as she used to. With her you just have to try to contain her and make it extremely hard for her to get touches. Cause when she touches it, usually she’s gonna score. With her it’s hard, because if you put a big post player on her she’s too quick and can go around, but if someone’s too short she can elevate.

Moriah Jefferson on Morgan Tuck
She’s so versatile. The silent assassin is what we call her. She comes out, steps inside, outside and she just makes amazing plays the entire game.

Breanna Stewart on Morgan Tuck
When you think of Morgan you think of someone who is very even-keeled. You know what you’re going to get from her and she’s so consistent with that. She has the versatility to play inside and out which is huge.