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#WNBAKicks: Bird & Stewart On Their Elite Kick Game

Whenever the Seattle Storm take the court, expect plenty of highlights: Breanna Stewart’s do-it-all game, Sue Bird’s court vision and dime-dropping, Jewell Loyd’s silky handles — and the list goes on.

Add this to the list, too: Check out Breanna and Sue’s feet.

On popular sneaker accounts all across social media, one can often see whatever the star duo is wearing in that night’s game.

“I like sneakers so it’s not that foreign to me,” Stewart said about her status as one of the WNBA’s top sneakerheads. “Just being able to wear all different types and making sure people see them.”

“I don’t really see myself as a sneakerhead,” said Bird. “I think I’m someone that likes to have a nice pair of shoes on when they’re playing. I really subscribe to the ‘look good, feel good’ mantra in terms of playing, in terms of getting out there. Nike’s done a great job, really always, but definitely more recently of giving us, the Nike athletes, some exclusives and letting them rock them on the court and it’s been fun.”

Bird’s teammate, Breanna Stewart, has had one of the most noteworthy exclusive opportunities of late as she became the first professional athlete to wear the Nike KD11s on a court.

“I thought it was a really cool opportunity,” Stewart said on the unique honor. “When I got the go-ahead from Nike and everyone else to be able to be the first one to wear them on the court, I had to wear them and I think everybody liked them.”

It seemed so, as social media was full of pictures of her Seattle Storm PEs. Even Stewart herself is an immediate fan.

“My favorite shoe on the court are the KD 11s. I think those are the best ones yet.”

For a veteran like Bird, she’s chosen to wear the Kyrie 4s as her sneaker of choice for the 2018 season.

“I’m a big fan of the Kyrie shoe,” said Bird. “Again it has to do with the ‘look good, feel good’ [mantra]. But I think it’s a comfortable shoe, it suits my needs and from there it’s an easy choice.”

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On the other hand, Stewart has worn many different shoes, from KD10s and KD11s, all the way to Kobe A.Ds.

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What goes in to choosing Stewie’s gameday sneaker? “Not a lot now because you don’t have to match or anything like that,” she said. “Our jerseys are hard to match anyways, but wearing the ones I feel like and trying not to repeat many times.”

Not a problem for these two Nike athletes who have turned heads with their Seattle Storm inspired PEs.

Bird, who is in her 17th WNBA season has been able to accumulate a lot of different pairs of sneakers over the years. But she’s seen her collection as a mere accumulation, and nothing more.

“I’m not waiting on line for 5 hours waiting for the new drop, I’m not on the apps, I’m not really doing that but over the years,” she said. “You play long enough, you get a cool pair, you keep them. Next year, you get a couple cool pairs, you keep them and next thing before you know it, your closet’s full. That’s really what it comes down to.”

When we asked Bird about her favorites, two pairs immediately came to mind.

“[Nike] Uptempos, without a doubt,” Bird said on her favorite shoe all-time on the court. But off the court, Bird keeps true to a timeless classic.

“I like Air Max 90s, those are usually my go-to. I feel you can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with sweats, you can wear them with anything.”

For Stewart, we already know her favorite shoe on the court, but off the court, she goes with a new take on a timeless classic – appropriate for the recent Independence Day holiday: “The ‘Top 3’ [Jordan Retro] 1s.”