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The following is a list of Core Players, Reserved Players, Restricted Free Agents and Unrestricted Free Agents that were on team rosters at the end of the 2013 season.

Teams can begin to negotiate with their own Core and Reserved Players and any Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents on March 16. Deals may not be finalized, and Contracts and Offer Sheets may not be signed, until March 20.

Players who ended the 2013 season on the Suspended List remain suspended and can negotiate only with their prior team.

Player Previous Team New Team
Lynetta Kizer Phoenix Traded to Indiana
Erin Phillips Indiana Traded to Phoenix
Alex Bentley ATL Traded to Washington and then to Connecticut
Matee Ajavon Washington Traded to Atlanta
Kara Lawson Connecticut Traded to Washington
Charde Houston Phoenix Traded to Seattle
Jenna O¬ĚHea Los Angeles Traded to Seattle for 2015 second round pick
Sandrine Gruda Connecticut held rights Traded to Los Angeles for 2014 first round pick and 2015 second round pick
Tianna Hawkins Seattle Traded to Washington
Kelsey Bone New York Traded to Connecticut
Tina Charles Connecticut Traded to New York
Sugar Rodgers Minnesota Traded to New York

Player 2013 Team Transaction
Erika de Souza Atlanta Re-Signed with Atlanta
Swin Cash Chicago Traded to Atlanta

Player 2013 Team Transaction
Avery Warley Chicago Re-Signed with Chicago
Ewelina Kobryn Seattle Negotiating Rights traded to Phoenix
Jasmine Hassell Indiana Re-signed with Indiana
Lynetta Kizer Indiana Re-signed with Indiana
Tierra Ruffin-Pratt Washington Re-signed with Washington
Courtney Clements Atlanta Traded to Chicago

Player 2013 Team Transaction
Allie Quigley Chicago Re-signed with Chicago
Allison Hightower Connecticut Re-signed with Connecticut
Kalana Greene Connecticut Re-signed with Connecticut
Marissa Coleman Los Angeles Signed with Indiana
Monica Wright Minnesota Re-signed with Minnesota
Jayne Appel San Antonio Re-signed with San Antonio
Erlana Larkins San Antonio Re-signed with Indiana

Player 2013 Team Transaction
Janel McCarville Minnesota Re-signed with Minnesota
Mistie Bass Connecticut Signed with Phoenix
Katie Douglas Indiana Signed with Connecticut
Camille Little Seattle Re-signed with Seattle
Shay Murphy Chicago Signed with Phoenix
Armintie Herrington Atlanta Signed with Los Angeles
Candice Wiggins Tulsa Signed with Los Angeles
Chelsea Hopkins San Antonio Signed with Phoenix

Player Previous Team New Team
Bria Hartley Seattle Traded to Washington
Alyssa Thomas New York Traded to Connecticut