Nike’s WNBA Uniforms Are Built Specifically For The Game’s Elite

To make a uniform for the game’s top female athletes, Nike designers began by doing extensive research on and gathering feedback directly from the players. With these insights, the designers focused on the movements that are fundamental and unique to their play to improve on the following elements:

  • Fit: Women-specific scapula cuts on the jersey and vents on the shorts as well as an extensive variety of uniform lengths and short rises maximize range of motion and comfort.
  • Temperature regulation: An advanced, closed-hole mesh fabric with quick-dry back venting (the pattern and placement were determined by employing digital body maps that evaluated female athletes’ primary sweat and cling zones) helps regulate body temperature and provides optimal moisture control during play.

To create a special look for the WNBA, Nike focused on amplifying each teams’ primary and secondary colors through a tonal application of color that moves from the front of the uniform to back, intended to create the effect of an athlete in motion. A wing-like design on the back of the jersey features sharp angles that imply power and speed.

In line with the new basketball uniform naming convention announced by Nike and the NBA last year, the WNBA introduces an Icon Edition and Statement Edition silhouette. The Icon Edition uses the team’s primary color to represent the rich heritage and iconic identity that exists within each franchise. The Statement Edition highlights the team’s secondary color and sets the tone for big games or rivalries.

Preseason WNBA games tip-off May 6 and the regular season begins May 18. That weekend, as part of WNBA All Day’s six-game schedule, all teams will take the court in these uniforms to celebrate the start of the league’s 22nd season.