Gary Harris, Son of WNBA Great Joy Holmes-Harris, Drafted 19th Overall in the 2014 NBA Draft

BROOKLYN, NY, June 26, 2014 -- Tonight, Gary Harris, son of WNBA great Joy Holmes-Harris, was drafted 19th overall by the Chicago Bulls and later traded to the Denver Nuggets, making him the second son of a WNBA player to enter the NBA. (The other mother-son pair is Pam and Javale McGee.)

Joy Holmes-Harris was one of the founding players in the WNBA. She graduated from Purdue and was drafted into the ABL in 1996. She was one of the original members of the (then) Detroit Shock. Her son Gary is a shooting guard out of Michigan State.

And we can be sure Gary already has some notable fans out there...

But none quite as notable as his mom. Who, by the way, has yet to lose to her son on the court.