Maya‘s Game Winner From All Perspectives

INDIANAPOLIS – Maya Moore sank one of the biggest shots in WNBA history on Friday night when she drilled a game winner from the top of the key to lift the Lynx to a win in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals 2015 presented by Boost Mobile.

Here is what the other players and coaches had to say about the moment.

Stephanie White (Fever Head Coach): “That was just a great player making a great play at the end of the game.”

Cheryl Reeve (Lynx Head Coach): “That was about as poised as I’ve seen her. Lindsay Whalen made a great pass, a great find. Maya had great awareness that you didn’t have to jack a shot and hurry up. 1.7 seconds is actually a long time. I thought she had a nice little escape dribble, got herself collected, and had about as good of form that you can have. So it was a very poised moment for Maya.”

Maya Moore (Lynx, Guard): “Well, 1.7 is a lot of time. I’m a basketball junky. I watch basketball all the time. I’ve been playing almost my whole life, so those situations you see so often; and, again, having coaches that prepare us for those moments as well, putting us in end of game situations, but everything kind of fell into line. I did what I could. I can’t say I completely masterminded the whole situation. It was just a basketball move, and I was able to get it off.”


Seimone Augustus (Lynx, Guard): “When I saw that she had created herself some space and got a great look at the basket, it was a no doubter. I knew it was going in.”

Sylvia Fowles: (Lynx, Center) “I actually thought she was going to put it up on the first attempt, but she was so poised and she took that one bounce and put it up there and I just knew it was going in, because she was too calm.”

Renee Montgomery (Lynx, Guard): “We’re witnessing greatness. It’s hard to realize it in the moment but the way she [Maya Moore] continually puts up big numbers night in and night out, when you know the entire scouting report is focused on her, she continually comes through. I’m excited to witness that and be a part of it. I’m excited. I was with her in college, and now in the pros. We are witnessing greatness.”

Shavonte Zellous (Fever, Guard): “She got open and made a tough shot. She’s a great player and that’s what she’s going to do. When they needed her she stepped up huge; so give credit to Minnesota.”