Kelsey Plum’s WNBA Resume

Every year young adults leave college and make their move into the professional world in a variety of fields. Finding that first job as a professional often centers around one question: How will their resume set them apart from the rest of the candidates?

Maybe they graduated at the top of their class; maybe they had a great internship; maybe they were a member of a prestigious club; maybe they earned some awards along the way.

As WNBA Draft 2017 draws closer, coaches and executives around  the league have been examining the resumes of college and overseas prospects, looking for the candidate that will best serve their organization in the years to come.

And when it comes to resumes of this year’s top prospects, few can compete with Washington’s Kelsey Plum.

Kelsey Plum Plays Pop-A-Shot, Talks Historic Season on ESPN’s SportsCenter

Kelsey Plum
5-8, Guard
University of Washington
Poway, California

Become a top pick in WNBA Draft 2017 and bring scoring prowess to the highest level of competition in the world.

Skills and Abilities

Honors and Achievements



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