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Five Things To Know About Me: Monique Billings

The 10 prospects that were invited to the 2018 WNBA Draft spoke with on the eve of the draft to let us know a little more about themselves on and off the court.

Monique Billings
6-4, Forward, UCLA
Prospect Profile

1. I like to cook.

2. I’m interested in fashion and modeling. I’d like to continue modeling while I’m playing; my rookie year probably not as much. And I’ll just have to play it by ear going down the line just because right now basketball is a priority and I have to stay focused and be able to impact my team without any distractions. But some years down the road, I would definitely like to get into more modeling and be able to represent an agency and be a professional model.

3. I love working out with my dad, like lifting, doing weights and stuff

4. I have an obsession with shoes – heels, boots, sneakers, you name it. Anything my size (women’s 12) I’m in it. I just like anything that looks cute, so if it looks cute, I’m taking it home. I love to shop. This trip with us here on Fifth Avenue is dangerous. I had to leave my wallet in the room last night because I can do some damage. There was like a five-story H&M and I’m like I can’t even go in there because I would just get lost, I’d still be in there right now.

5. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I’ve been to Australia, Poland, Bahamas and Mexico all through basketball. And I went to Tokyo this past summer.

Bonus. I like to say I’m a renaissance girl. I have a lot of different interests. I’m a basketball player but that doesn’t define who I am because I have a lot of other interests.