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Five Things To Know About Me: Kia Nurse

The 10 prospects that were invited to the 2018 WNBA Draft spoke with on the eve of the draft to let us know a little more about themselves on and off the court.

Kia Nurse
6-0, Guard, Connecticut
Prospect Profile

1. I’m probably the most prideful Canadian that you’ll ever meet. [Nurse grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and plays with the Canadian National team]

2. I come from a long line of athletes, professional athletes [her father, Richard, played football for the CFL’s Hamiton Tiger-Cats; mom, Cathy, played basketball at Canada’s McMaster University; sister Tamika played basketball at Oregon and Bowling Green; her brother Darnell is a defenseman with NHL’s Edmonton Oilers; her cousin, Sarah Nurse, played hockey at Wisconsin; her aunt, Raquel Nurse, who played basketball at Syracuse, is married to former NFL and Syracuse QB Donovan McNabb].

3. I am obsessed with murder mysteries. Ruth Ware is my favorite author, someone always dies and you have to figure out what happened from there.

4. I used to play soccer my entire life up until high school and I had to choose between the two of them. I still miss the game, I love it that much.

5. I’m a Netflix junkie, I can binge a season pretty quickly. Most recently, I watched Imposters, The Office, Parks and Rec, the classics, House, Grey’s Anatomy all the way through, so I’ve been keeping up with that one.