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Five Things To Know About Me: Kelsey Mitchell

The 10 prospects that were invited to the 2018 WNBA Draft spoke with on the eve of the draft to let us know a little more about themselves on and off the court.

Kelsey Mitchell
5-11, Guard, Ohio State
Prospect Profile

1. I’m a twin. My mom had two sets of twins – Kevin and Cameron, and Kelsey and Chelsea. Kevin and Cameron are the oldest, they’re 26, me and my sister are 22.

2. I love shoes. I love sneakers. When it comes to sneakers I like Jordans, Nikes. I’m not one of those people that’s like vintage, no I’m not doing all that. But I like shoes. I just bought the Cereal LeBron 15s.

3. I never played with Barbie dolls; never in my life.

4. I hate shopping. I’m a person that goes in, I get what I get and I’m coming back out. I’m not a person – like my mom or my sister – they walk around the store three and four times, the mall four or five times. No. I go in, I get what I get and I’m leaving. Even if I see something online, if I see it and I want it, I’m only going to get that and I’m not looking anymore for the rest of the day.

5. I’m a cheap person. I’m very cheap. I’m frugal with my money (laughs).