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Five Things To Know About Me: Gabby Williams

The 10 prospects that were invited to the 2018 WNBA Draft spoke with on the eve of the draft to let us know a little more about themselves on and off the court.

Gabby Williams
5-11, Forward, Connecticut
Prospect Profile

1. I’m from Nevada, born and raised.

2. I collect records, I’m always listening to music.

3. I love cartoons and anime – Sailor Moon and Naruto are my two go-to animes.

4. I try to stay socially conscious on everything. I try to stay aware and try to be involved as much as possible.

5. I’m a huge Marvel fan. Mainly the movies but I read the comics as well. I’ve seen Black Panther a lot of times, maybe not always legally (laughs). I’ve seen it twice in the theater and a lot of times on my computer.