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Five Things To Know About Me: Diamond DeShields

The 10 prospects that were invited to the 2018 WNBA Draft spoke with on the eve of the draft to let us know a little more about themselves on and off the court.

Diamond DeShields
6-1, Guard, Tennessee / Cukorova (Turkey)
Prospect Profile

1. I can play the trumpet.

2. I love baseball. I was just saying I pray that whoever drafts me has a baseball team. I love to spend my summers at the ballpark.

3. I’m into fashion, I enjoy fashion, and I appreciate fashion and art.

4. I’m a writer. I have a journal, I can write, I appreciate poetry and good narratives and stories. In college, I was in this creative writing class and I really, really enjoyed it because he let us create our content. It wasn’t an assignment like ‘here you have to write about this.’ It was ‘I need an article, its due by next week on whatever you decide to write about.’ I was able to be creative and use my verbiage and the way that I was using my voice and my words to tell stories about things that people may not have known about. I’m not sure about a career thing but its definitely something I do for fun and enjoy to do.

5. I’m ambidextrous. I write left-handed so a lot of people when they see me they’re like ‘oh you’re a lefty’. And I’m like … ‘sometimes.’