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The rookie sensation of the Chicago Sky will be blogging about her life -- on and off the court -- in her first season in the WNBA. See her first blog post, on her culinary adventures below.

Life In Chicago

June 13, 2013 -- Hey everyone! Now that I have been living in Chicago for over a month, there is one thing that I cant deny about this amazing citythe food is incredible! I have had the chance to try some amazing food spots both in the city and outside the city and I think it is only fair to share these food wonders with all of you. First, I have to say that I LOVE deep dish pizza. I had my first slice of deep dish when on my second day as a Chicago resident and absolutely loved it! My go to spot for a great slice of pizza is Giordanos. Nothing beats a slice of pepperoni stuffed pizza from Giordanos!

Delle Donne Pizza

I also love good breakfast food! It took me a while to find a great breakfast spot but soon enough I found one that has some of the best breakfast food that I have ever had! My favorite breakfast place is Walker Brothers Original Pancake house. They have some of the most delicious omelets and a crunchy French toast that is ADDICTING! Anyone who visits Chicago has to make a stop at Walker Brothers!

Finally, thanks to my teammates, I was guided towards Portillos. My teammates told me I had to try a chocolate milkshake from Portillos and they didnt lie the milkshakes are delicious! I have really enjoyed my time in Chicago and have fallen in love with the city! The food is amazing but isnt anywhere near all that Chicago has to offer. Anyone who plans to visit Chicago you have to try these delicious food choices! And oh yea, dont forget to stop by the All State Arena to catch a Chicago Sky game.

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