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Cappie Pondexter Excited for the Upcoming Liberty Season

Its not easy to keep up with someone like Cappie Pondexter. The Liberty guard is known for her determination to get and be better, on and off the court. When shes not playing for the Liberty shes either heading up her own business 4 Seasons Style Management or playing full-time overseas for Turkeys elite Fenerbahce club in Istanbul alongside the Dreams Angel McCoughtry.

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This is Cappies fifth year with the club and she has found the competition getting stronger as more and more Americans have joined the Turkish league. [The competitions] not far off from the WNBA now. Obviously in the WNBA we only have 12 players [on a team] and all our 12 players are great. Here the completion is probably about half -- or a little bit more than half -- of what the WNBA has. And we can only assume it will keep getting better.

Fenerbahce, according to Cappie, is one of the best clubs in Turkey. And the statistics agree. This year the team is 15-2 in the Turkish Basketball League and a solid 7-0 in Group B of the Euroleague (the best record in the Euroleauge so far).

Of course it helps to have 2-time WNBA scoring champion Angel McCoughtry on your side.

Angel, man, shes funny! Cappie laughed when I asked what it was like to play with the animated Dream guard. Its great though! I think shes one of the leagues best at her position. Shes super athletic. Sometimes just watching her is amazing.

And while there is a lot to be excited about overseas, Cappie is still pumped for the upcoming Liberty season. Its been a long journey, she said of the last three Liberty seasons, of being in New Jersey and now were headed back to the Garden. Theres a lot of excitement behind that and not just from me.

The past season was admittedly a rebuilding season for the Liberty, the franchise has the fourth pick overall in this years draft and head coach Bill Laimbeer has made it incredibly clear as to what they are looking for this season: players.

But if anyone knows exactly what Laimbeers talking about now its Cappie: I think our first year was just us trying to learn each other. Now we have a year under our belt and I know the system, what he expects, and Im looking forward to it. I think were gonna have a super year.

And with all these expectations, you better be sure that Cappie Pondexter is working hard to get ready. Shes focusing in Turkey on elevating her shooting percentage for the coming season. Last year she was 36% from the field and she plans to get those numbers up.

Come May, Cappie and the New York Liberty will be on top of their game and there's every reason to expect that "super" year.