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Experimental Rules Implemented For 2019 WNBA All-Star Game

Two experimental rules will be in place for the game:

  • 20-Second Shot Clock
    • The shot clock will be shortened from 24 to 20 seconds. The shot clock will still reset to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound.
  • Live Play Substitutions
    • A limited number of player substitutions will be permitted during live play to 1) increase pace and 2) allow All-Stars to enter the game without waiting for a stoppage in play.
    • Each team can use up to one live play substitution per quarter, and only one player can be substituted at a time.
    • Live play substitutions can only be made by the offensive team.
    • A player cannot be substituted out while she is holding the ball.
    • A “Player Check-In Spot” will be designated near mid-court on the sideline as indicated by the arrows below. A player checking into the game during live play must stand on this spot, and be tagged in by a player leaving the court to prevent more than 5 players on the court at any time.

    • Player substitutions during game stoppages will take place per normal WNBA rules