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Below are the key dates for the 2020 WNBA season. Stay tuned for additional updates.

January 28: Free Agency Negotiations Begin
February 10: Free Agency Period Begins
April 17: WNBA Draft
April 10-19: Local Team Tryouts
April 26: Training Camp Begins
May 1: Preseason Games Begin
May 12: Last Possible Date for Preseason Games
May 14: Final Roster Cutdown Date
May 15: Regular Season Begins
June 29: Mid-Season Cutdown Date
July 1: Mid-Season
July 10: Last Date for Games before Olympic Break
July 11-August 13: Olympic Break
August 16: Second Half Schedule Begins
August 21: Trade Deadline
September 20: Regular Season Ends
September TBD: Playoffs Begin
October TBD: Last Possible Finals Date