Below are the key dates for the 2022 WNBA season.

March 31: Pre-Season Coaches Meeting
April 1-3: NCAA Women’s Final Four
April 1-10: Local Team Tryouts
April 11: WNBA Draft
April 17: Training Camp Begins
April 22: Pre-season Games Begin
May 2: Last Possible Date for Pre-Season Games
May 5:  Final Roster Cut-down Date: 12 players, 5:00 pm EST
May 6: Regular Season Begins
June 24: Mid-Season Cut Down Date (24 hours before mid-season day)
June 25: Mid-Season
July 8-11: WNBA All-Star Break
July 10: WNBA All-Star Game
July 15: Trade Deadline, 8:00 pm EST
August 1: Player Playoff eligibility from Waivers, 5:00 pm EST
August 14: Regular Season Ends
August 17: Playoffs Begin
September 20: Last Possible Finals Date