May 30, 2013 | Anthony Oliva, WNBA.com

To get inside the mind of Skylar Diggins on the morning of a game day, look no further than her Twitter account.

Dating back to her time at Notre Dame, an anxious Diggins would get out of bed and have the same first thought.

Every time I wake up in the morning, I think it's 'Gaaaaaaame Daaaaaaay'. That's how I'd say it. Diggins said.

And, since its 2013 and theres no shortage of ways to express yourself, Skylar decided to turn to her most famous outlet, Twitter, to send out her now famous Gaaaaaaame Daaaaaaay tweets.

How I tweet it is how I'd say it. It's 'Gaaaaaaame Daaaaaaay', said Diggins, reinforcing that it is as fun to say it seems.

(Go ahead, try it.)

Its a simple tweet -- the number of extra As varies from post to post, although she seems to average about 13 per word if you're scoring at home. And while its just a small glimpse into Skylars psyche the morning of a game, it's by now become a tradition -- at least judging by the responses of her fans. She even tweeted a similar message out on draft day.

I just started tweeting every time I had a game and it kind of caught on where I would get on Twitter and some people would start saying it before I could even tweet it, Diggins explained. They love to tweet it before I tweet it now. They try to catch me. I have to wake up early in the morning.

So, like most of the world, Skylars day starts playfully trying to beat her near 400,000 Twitter followers to a phone. The early morning race also gives her good way to express her excitement early in the day, she said, because the social media celebrity tries to stay off Twitter around game time.

From there, Skylar -- who is through two WNBA regular season games and one preseason game (and three such tweets) -- keeps the majority of the game-day routine she had in college.

There are some minor differences. Shes supposed to warm up in her warm-up jacket now, whereas she normally liked to stay loose in just her jersey. She gets to the arena earlier than she did in college. Shell shoot with a group pregame. But outside of a few changes, Skylars routine as a whole hasnt been altered much. And, even though the team does not eat the team meal together like the Fighting Irish did in college, the menu hasnt changed for Skylar either.

My usual is pasta. I try to eat pasta and chicken, grilled chicken and a vegetable, Diggins said. For morning games, I'll just eat breakfast, but for the late games, I normally try to get some pasta in me. I also just like Italian food. That's what I used to eat in college too.

And, like most Italian food enthusiasts, shes not picky. Angel hair pasta, spaghetti, shells and rigatoni all will get the job done.

That takes part of the feel-good part of pregame.

What about the look good?

Those famous nails come first. To look good for the cameras, of course.

This is a habit, however, that Skylar started long before her games appeared on ESPN.

In high school we painted our nails before every game. We painted them the color of the team we were playing, Diggins recalled. And then in college, I learned about shellac, so now I don't have to paint them before every game. I just get a no-chip manicure or something and it lasts a little longer.

Right now, if youre wondering, Diggins favors bright colors like reds, pinks and oranges.

This look good-play good ritual also extends to her eyebrows. While she doesnt necessarily have them plucked before every game, she makes sure they are groomed to her desire.

I just have to have them right, Diggins said. Especially toward the end of the season in college -- we were on TV a lot.

Enough said.

Eyebrows and nails aside, dont go looking for any outlandish superstitions from Skylar.

Other than those little girly details I'm not like, I gotta put salt in my shoes or stand on one foot and put the left sock on first, Diggins said. Then I'll just listen to music.

So what is the 22-year-old listening to?

I like to listen to rap, whether it be mainstream, or I play a lot of old-school Jay, said Diggins, referencing Jay-Z, whose agency, Roc Nation, she recently signed with and that gifted her a Mercedes Benz as a graduation present. I listen to Jay's music a lot. Even before I was Roc Nation, I was always listening to Jay's music. And other than that, I'm super mainstream. Whatever's hot.

So now that weve started from the bottom (her morning tweet) and now were here (a weekend where Skylar and the Shock travel to play the Liberty on Friday and to Chicago on Sunday -- a hyped homecoming and a chance to take on fellow '3 to See' rookie Elena Delle Donne), will any of that routine change with big games looming?

I don't get caught up in that, Skylar said. I try to do the same thing, no matter who we're playing.