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Draft Rules

March 27, 2022

Draft Order

The WNBA Draft shall consist of three rounds, with each round consisting of twelve picks.

The order of team picks in each round are the inverse order of the standings from the last regular season, except for the first four picks of the first round, which are determined by the Draft Lottery. The Draft Lottery took place in December with the four teams that did not participate in the playoffs in 2021, with the chances of drawing the first pick being based on the teams’ cumulative records over the last two seasons (the team with the worst cumulative two-year record had the best chances of drawing the first pick).

Draft picks can be traded among teams, so the order and number of picks per team can change significantly. They can continue to be traded until the order is locked in at 5 pm ET the day before the draft (April tenth).

For full detailed rules, please visit this page.

Draft Eligibility

All NCAA players who are graduating seniors or turning twenty-two years old in 2022 are eligible to renounce any remaining NCAA eligibility (including extra eligibility granted by the NCAA due to the pandemic) in order to opt in to the 2022 WNBA Draft.

All international players who are turning twenty years old in 2022 are also eligible for the 2022 WNBA Draft.

For full detailed rules, please visit this page.