TIME OUT WITH... Kim Smith
If there are many more like Monarchs rookie Kim Smith back in her native Canada, basketball could soon be the national sport. Growing up, Smith looked up to her older sister in many ways, including sports. She admits that she can be shy until you get to know her, but fans will soon know her and her all-around game quite well. Get started in the latest installment of "Time Out." Have You Seen her?
Hometown Mission, British Columbia
What did you study in college? Speech Communication at Utah
Have you ever played on a national team? If so, for what team, when and in which tournaments? Yes, Canadian National Team, 2002 - COPABA young women's world qualification, Senior women world qualification, 2003 FIBA Americas Olympic qualifying/Pan Am Games 2005 - FIBA Americas world qualifying.
Who has been a role model for you in basketball? My older sister Michelle. There was always that drive to be better than your older sibling. She was always somebody that I looked up to.
When did you become interested in the game of basketball and when did you decide you wanted to pursue it professionally? I started playing when I was in grade 2. I had dreams of playing professionally since grade 9.
Do you have a favorite on-court moment? The jump-ball, because it means the game is going to start.
Do you have any superstitions or rituals? If so, what are they and how did they come about? I always have to finish my last shot before the game starts, I have no idea how it began.
Name a coach who has inspired you and describe how he/she improved your game and/or helped in your development off the court. Elaine Elliot has helped my game on both the offensive and defensive ends. She has taught me a lot about the game and movement on offense. Defensively she has pushed me to stay in stance. Off the court she has been so supportive in all aspects of my life, I always know that I can turn to her if I ever have any problems.
Which other sports do you play? Would you rate yourself as a beginner, novice, expert, or master? Soccer-novice, softball - novice.
What are your hobbies or primary interests outside of basketball? I love to cook, and enjoy doing that when I am not playing. I enjoy the outdoors; hiking and camping.
What other talents are you proud of? Cooking.
How would others describe you? Shy until you get to know me.
How would you describe yourself? As soon as I am more comfortable with people I am much more outgoing.
Which languages do you speak? If any other than your native language, do you consider yourself fluent? I can speak French, I used to be fluent, I have lost almost all of it now.
What is one surprising fact about you that people do not know? I just got my full drivers license this spring. (I did have a graduated licensing permit so I have driven before).
What was a defining moment in your life and why? Getting cut from a provincial team back home when I was in grade 9. I pushed myself harder that summer to prove to myself that I belonged and it solidified my work habits.
What is your favorite food? Fresh berries.
What is your favorite color? Blue.
What is your favorite book? Angels and Demons.
What is your favorite television movie? Old School
Who is your favorite television show? Grey's Anatomy
Who is your favorite actress? Jessica Alba.
Who is your favorite actor Will Ferrell.
Who is your favorite musician/artist? Shania Twain.
Best song of all time? Warrior.
Favorite place to visit/spend time? British Columbia.
When your playing career is over, what might you pursue financially and why? Coaching or working with younger athletes.

(Photo by NBAE/Getty Images)