Meet the writers Fan Blog Squad

Macon, Georgia

A WNBA fan since Day One, many of the more hardcore WNBA fans may better know him as pilight. Kevin admits that he initially followed the W more closely than the ABL because Sheryl Swoopes joined up with the WNBA, and "she's the best there ever was." Since Georgia has yet to be awarded a WNBA team, he again went with Her Majesty and became a Comets fan. Much of his fandom is channeled into stats and trivia since he rarely gets to attend games in person. On most days, he has already read all of the local WNBA stories in newspapers around the country before you've even had your morning coffee. In the offseason, you can usually find him either at board gaming conventions (he plays mostly Euros, like Puerto Rico) or at the University Center cheering on his Mercer Bears! Check out his web site at

Christal and Christia
Toronto, Canada

Christal and Christia are identical twins who were born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and now live in Toronto. Canada, hey? They moved to Toronto when they were 14 years old. The twins were actually born (lucky?) 13 minutes apart. Can you guess who is older? They are now 19 years old and enrolled in the journalism program at Ryerson University. Both aspire to be sports journalists in the future. They�ve always loved the game of basketball, but admit that they only became WNBA fans in 2002. Chamique Holdsclaw is their favorite player, so naturally, they root for the Mystics and the Sparks.

Queens, New York

Just what the Blog Squad needed: another wisecracking, brown-haired, Libran Rebecca-never-Becky with a penchant for parentheses. Rebecca, who takes the nickname Queenie from her screen name and her home borough, does not, however, have a national championship ring, a gold medal, or an All-Star appearance. What she does have is a multitude of course credits as she attempts to earn her B.A. in English from Hunter College.

She's been a Liberty fan since day one, the seeds of her fanaticism having been planted when her mother dragged her to the Liberty's inaugural home game against Phoenix; right then and there, she fell in love with the electric atmosphere. By the end of high school, she held a season ticket, still regrets choosing her prom over what became a last-second win against the Shock, and seriously considered cutting her graduation for another game. Her secondary loyalty will always be to the Miami Sol, and she considers her loyalty to extend to any match-up at any time. She finds it very hard to pick favorite players, as the choice usually ends up as "umm� anyone who's ever worn a Liberty uniform?" although she will admit to a fondness for Tamika Catchings, Allison Feaster, and any Rutgers alumnae. She spends much of her time engaged in fan-related activities such as complaining about referees, taking detailed game notes, posting to various message boards and the Women's Hoops Blog, collecting autographs, and organizing her card collection. When not steeped in her fanaticism, she enjoys writing short stories, taking long walks (so long as they have a determined destination), listening to quite varied music, chatting with friends across the world, and reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy).

New Haven, Connecticut

Melissa is a Desert Storm veteran. She has served in the regular Army and in the National Guard. She spent seven years as a Disaster Services specialist in the American Red Cross where she responded to over a dozen disasters across the nation including working with the Kosovo Refugees and the attacks on the World Trade Center. She has shepherd legislation through the Connecticut State legislature concerning veterans and has advised on the passage of legislation in other states. She currently is a political consultant to campaigns on veterans issues, homeland security, and disaster response.

As a pre Title IX baby, she has been a fan of the WNBA since its birth, and a Sun fan since they arrived in Connecticut. Melissa played volleyball, basketball and softball in high school and volleyball and basketball at the NCAA Div II level. She takes 17 days of vacation a year which all magically fall on the same days as home games for the CT Sun. And she is mysteriously ill enough to call in sick to work during the play offs. She currently is an assistant coach for a 5th grade girls developmental basketball team where she teaches the guards and is in charge of the band aids, tears, ice packs and soothing parents.

Seattle, Washington

Lisa, a 43-year-old woman from Seattle, Washington, is the CEO of her own company, Paizo Publishing ( and works with her partner of 13 years and fellow Storm fan, Vic (you may have seen his amazing Storm Trooper costume from last year). Her love of basketball goes back to high school, though her love of professional women's basketball can trace its roots to the advent of the Seattle Storm franchise in the Emerald City. She became a season ticket holder in 2004 and joined the wild ride to the World Championship that year. She was awarded a WNBA Championship ring as well, perhaps the only WNBA fan to be accorded such an honor.

"The Storm made me the luckiest fan alive last year when it picked me to receive the ring on behalf of the thousands of amazing fans that make Storm fans the best in the WNBA," she says.

You can see her at every home Storm game, sitting near the visitor's bench, cheering her team on to victory. She also participates on the Rebkell Junkie Boards the message boards on a regular basis.

Houston, TX

Tammy hails from Houston, Texas and currently resides there. Having lived other places in Texas, she cannot imagine living in any other state; it's a "Texas State of Mind." She works for a major law firm in the state, but is not a lawyer. She could have been a lawyer, but realizes now that the Lord had a different role for her to play in the legal community. Her older brother taught her to play basketball at all of seven years of age, and no bigger than a minute. The basket seemed so far up in the air, but her brother allowed her to use the "Granny shot" for free
throws. The most important thing to him was that she understood the fundamentals of how to play the game, and she fell in love with it. They watched some pro games on TV, and Bob Cousy became her hero. One of her favorite pieces of memorabilia is a basketball signed by him. You will even see Cousy's likeness on a couple of light switch plate covers in her home. Old school? You bet.

The WNBA was not even a dream for her generation growing up. One of the reasons she supports the league is so that young women can do something she could not even imagine in her youth. She was around for six-on-six Texas Girls Basketball. She boldly told her teacher: "That's not how Cousy played!" Mrs. Babb's eyes are probably still rolling from that line. The game was so dreadful, and the other girls had no basketball skills whatsoever; but her passion for the game remained unchanged. Her favorite players are Lauren Jackson, Lindsay Whalen, with some Katie Feenstra on the side.

Her hobbies include collecting basketball memorabilia, Babe Zaharias memorabilia (Texan, you know), and cooking. She also participates in prison ministry through her local church.

Bristol, TN

Mike was born and raised in Bristol, Tennessee, the self-professed Birthplace of Country Music and the home of the world's fastest half-mile race track. He's the head of production at a group of four radio stations in the Tri-Cities, although it's more of a "jack of all trades, master of none" situation at times. He currently is one class away from a degree in broadcast meteorology, along with the degree in communications he has from East Tennessee State University. He's been a weather geek since elementary school. Mike is also a correspondent for The Storm Report, a radio show about severe weather that has over 70 stations across the country.

He loves anything from the University of Tennessee, and therefore anything orange. Although, there's an increasing fondness for Appalachian State's black and gold as well through being very close to their I-AA national championship football season in 2005. He was "dragged kicking and screaming" to the WNBA, ironically, by Sue Bird. He remembered her in a conversation with a friend in the summer of 2002, that she "ran through, around, over, and underneath the Lady Vols last year," and he looked her up. Come to find out, she plays for the Seattle Storm. With that, and the discovery that the team's mascot is named Doppler, a new Storm fan was born.

His favorite players include the aforementioned Sue Bird, Katie Feenstra, Shanna Zolman, Tamika Catchings, Allison Feaster, and Lindsay Whalen. Throw in Adia Barnes, too, for that matter. He gets to a few games a year to Charlotte, currently the closest WNBA market to the Tri-Cities. He has already promised to be an immediate season ticket holder if a team is formed in East Tennessee. Hobbies include learning about every sport imaginable, his latest new one is field hockey, chatting on the boards, and trying (unsuccessfully) to crack 150 at the bowling lanes.

Maplewood, MN

Air Force trained photojournalist, a tour in Iraq (two tours in Southwest Asia in three years), worked for two newspapers (St. Paul Pioneer Press in Classified Advertising; St. Paul Voice as writer/photographer and advertising sales); fresh off the 2006 campaign trail where he served as Congressman Mark Kennedy's 8th Congressional District Field Staff for his U.S. Senate bid.

Avid women's basketball fan - Minnesota Lynx season ticket holder since the Inaugural Game on June 12, 1999. Only missed 5 home games in team history and made road trips to five games in 2002 and 2004 (2002 - Indiana and Phoenix; 2004 - Houston, Los Angeles and Sacramento). Road trips and pre-season games away from Target Center - 11,812 miles driven. Keeps a cumulative tally of WNBA player stats since the history of the league - every player, every stat. (2006 season not updated as of yet)

Member of Creighton University Women's Basketball teams 3-point fan club. Frequently travels from St. Paul to Omaha, Nebraska during the winter months to catch CU games. Attended 2005 NCAA Women's Final Four in Indianapolis, Indiana. Frequently attends University of Minnesota home games.

Storrs, CT; Tracy, CA

Stacie, 18 years old, is a freshman at the University of Connecticut listed as a pre-kinesiology major, hoping to get into the Sports Management program. She hopes to get a job working in the WNBA and her dream job would be to work with the Sacramento Monarchs.

Originally from California in the central valley area, Tracy is a good hour away from Arco Arena. She played AAU basketball when she was younger and played in high school at Tracy High. She also had the opportunity to play basketball in New Zealand and Australia in 2002 where my team took 4th place in the AIS Hoopfest. That's another thing about her: she LOVES to travel and meet new people. She has also traveled to Europe.

Stacie has always loved to play and watch basketball, always be outside shooting or dribbling. She has been a fan of the WNBA since it started and became a Monarchs MVP during the 2005 season. The greatest WNBA moment for her was seeing the Monarchs win the 2005 Championship, and then being apart of the ring ceremony in 2006. Being a Monarchs fan, or WNBA fan in general, has allowed her to meet many amazing people... like all of her crazy, goofy friends in Arco, Dana, Rasha, Tessa, Amanda, Talisa, Marie, Kelly, and Robin. You'll find most of them sitting in the first few rows behind the Monarchs bench screaming at the refs, or the other team, and cheering when they make a great play.

Staten Island, N.Y.

Mary is a Liberty fan that has been there since the beginning. She also goes by the name of squints (glasses on sports just don't mix). Mary is an aspiring New York Times writer and hopes if she ever lands a job with the Times, she can give The Liberty a lot more coverage. She wasn't what people considered a "typical 90's child." She didn't want to be a pop star. She wanted to be the first women Yankee or play in the WNBA. Her heroes weren't Britney or Justin. Her hero was Teresa Weatherspoon. Spoon was her hero because, while she admired her hard nose defensive style of play, she admired her fan connections and heart a lot more. Currently she doesn't have a favorite player because she feels the talent in the league has grown too much to pick one player. Mary found one of her best friends through the WNBA, and without it, she and her friend would still be knocking heads. Currently she attends about 7-10 games a year, but hopes to become a season subscriber the second she can drive.

Norristown, PA

Kim grew up in New England during the 70's & 80's as a diehard Celtics fan. Just like Rebecca Lobo she wanted to be the first girl to play for the green and white. But as a 5-6 post player, that wasn't to be so she turned to her other passions of art and photography. She currently runs her own business as a graphic designer in the Philadelphia area. She is also a part time Instructor at a community college.

She grew up playing basketball with the older boys at her church gym and later played for her High School team. She taught her siblings how to play so they could have family games in the driveway. And even though she only played recreational ball after that point her passion for the game never wavered. She says that she always has a ball in her car and loves to teach others the game.

She admits that it's hard not living in a WNBA city but tries to make it to at least one game a year while traveling. She has been to several games in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Connecticut. She loves to travel internationally and even spotted a few players once passing through the airport in Amsterdam. Her favorite teams have changed over the years beginning with the Liberty in the early years then over to Seattle in the latter years. The Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Monarchs, Houston Comets and Connecticut Sun also rank up there among her favorites. However, if Philadelphia ever received a team she would immediately give them her allegiance.