2007 WNBA Transactions

August 19
The Detroit Shock sign Tyresa Smith.

August 16
The Detroit Shock sign Ayana Walker.

August 9
The Detroit Shock sign Tausha Mills.

August 7
The Seattle Storm sign Astou Ndiaye-Diatta.
The Minnesota Lynx sign Megan Duffy.

August 6
The Minnesota Lynx change the status of Kathrin Ress to "suspended." She has left the team to train with the Italian National Team.

July 20
The San Antonio Silver Stars re-sign Chantelle Anderson.

July 16
The Seattle Storm sign Doneeka Lewis.

July 6
The Detroit Shock sign Iciss Tillis.

July 5
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Tye'sha Fluker.
The Phoenix Mercury sign Teana Miller.
The Seattle Storm sign Shona Thorburn.
The Chicago Sky sign Cathy Joens.

July 4
The Houston Comets sign Erin Grant.

July 2
The Detroit Shock waive Amy Sanders.
The Houston Comets sign Tamecka Dixon.
The Seattle Storm waive Tye'sha Fluker.

July 1
The Houston Comets waive Tamara Moore and Tari Phillips.

June 21
The Phoenix Mercury waive Adriana Moises.

June 20
The Los Angeles Sparks trade Lisa Willis to the New York Liberty for Sherill Baker.

June 19
The Los Angeles Sparks waive Iciss Tillis.

June 13
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Kiesha Brown and Iciss Tillis.
The Houston Comets sign Crystal Smith.

June 11
The Los Angeles Sparks announce the retirement of Chamique Holdsclaw.
The Houston Comets waive Dee Davis.

June 8
The Connecticut Sun sign Evanthia Maltsi.

June 6
The Washington Mystics sign Yelena Leuchanka.

June 4
The Sacramento Monarchs waive Brittany Wilkins and sign Linda Fr�hlich.

May 31
The Washington Mystics announce the retirement of Crystal Robinson.

May 30
The Houston Comets sign Barbara Turner.

May 29
The Washington Mystics sign Stacey Lovelace.

May 25
The Minnesota Lynx waive Kiesha Brown and sign Tiffany Stansbury.

May 24
The Washington Mystics trade Chasity Melvin to the Chicago Sky for Monique Currie.
The Houston Comets sign Tamara Moore.
The Chicago Sky waive Cathy Joens.

May 23
The Houston Comets waive Jessica Dickson and Erin Grant.

May 18
The Los Angeles Sparks waive Kaayla Chones, Megan Duffy, Doneeka Hodges-Lewis, Tamara Moore and Tiffany Stansbury.
The Detroit Shock waive Jacqueline Batteast.
The Minnesota Lynx waive Chandi Jones.
The Phoenix Mercury waive Kwe Ryong Kim and Crystal Smith.
The Washington Mystics waive Teana Miller, Megan Vogel and Rita Williams and suspended Miriam Sy and Zane Teilane from the active roster.
The San Antonio Silver Stars waive Khara Smith.
The Chicago Sky waive Deanna Jackson, Amanda Lassiter and Jenna Rubino.
The Houston Comets sign Jessica Dickson and waive Jillian Robbins and Yelena Leuchanka.
The Connecticut Sun waive Laura Summerton.

May 17
The Phoenix Mercury waive Leah Rush, Tyresa Smith and Mandisa Stevenson.
The Houston Comets waive Jae Kingi-Cross.

May 16
The Seattle Storm waive Barbara Turner.
The Indiana Fever waive Jessica Dickson and Jennifer Humphrey.

May 15
The Los Angeles Sparks waive Sheila Lambert and Leah Metcalf.

May 14
The Detroit Shock re-sign Cheryl Ford.
The Phoenix Mercury waive Chrissy Givens.
The Washington Mystics waive Allyson Hardy.
The Minnesota Lynx waive Katryna Gaither and Shona Thorburn.
The Sacramento Monarchs waive Antionette Wells and Erin Batth.
The Chicago Sky waive Dionnah Jackson.

May 13
The Houston Comets waive Amber Metoyer, Kristen Newlin and Amber Obaze.
The Connecticut Sun waive Kiera Hardy.
The Washington Mystics waive Meredith Alexis.

May 12
The Seattle Storm re-sign Sue Bird.
The Sacramento Monarchs waive LaToya Bond.

May 11
The Connecticut Sun waive Vanessa Gidden and Brooke Smith.

May 10
The Phoenix Mercury waive Chloe Kerr and Carrie Moore.

May 9
The Indiana Fever waive Erin Lawless and Ashley Key.

May 8
The Chicago Sky sign Cathy Joens.
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Leah Metcalf.
The Connecticut Sun waive Adrianne Davie.

May 7
The Washington Mystics waive Mykeema Ford.
The Indiana Fever waive Lyndsey Medders.
The Chicago Sky waive Cisti Greenwalt, Christina Quaye and Chelsi Welch.
The San Antonio Silver Stars waive Nare Diawara.

May 5
The Houston Comets waive Edna Campbell.

May 4
The Los Angeles Sparks sign restricted free agent LaToya Thomas.
The Sacramento Monarchs waive Leslie Dubois.

May 2
The Seattle Storm waive Brooke Queenan.

May 1
The Washington Mystics waive Dalila Esche.
The Houston Comets waive Coretta Brown, LaTasha Butts, Alisha Gladden and Giuliana Mendiola.
The Phoenix Mercury waive Natalie Nakase.
The Chicago Sky waive Elisha Turek.
The Los Angeles Sparks waive Amanda Brown, Brandi Davis and Ayana Walker.

April 30
The Sacramento Monarchs sign Erin Batth and Leslie Dubois.
The New York Liberty waive Angelina Williams.
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Megan Duffy and waive Nyree Roberts and Greeba Barlow.

April 29
The Connecticut Sun sign Brooke Smith.

April 28
The Seattle Storm waive Yolanda Paige.

April 27
The San Antonio Silver Stars waive Chen Nan.
The New York Liberty waive Ambrosia Anderson.
The Houston Comets waive Desire Wheeler.
The Detroit Shock sign Amy Sanders.

April 26
The Phoenix Mercury waive Charity Egenti and Yolanda Jones.
The Minnesota Lynx waive Megan Duffy and Brooke Smith.
The New York Liberty waive Christelle N'Garsanet.
The Seattle Storm sign Shyra Ely and waive Sarah McKay and Aya Traore.
The Los Angeles Sparks waive Edniesha Curry.
The Houston Comets sign Jae Kingi-Cross and waive Monica Roberts.

April 25
The Phoenix Mercury waive Michelle Campbell and Jocelyn Penn.
The Seattle Storm waive Kerri Gardin.
The Connecticut Sun waive Monique Martin.
The Houston Comets waive Lauren Neaves, Ashley Awkward and Fatima Maddox.

April 24
The Seattle Storm waive Andrea Bills, Cameo Hicks, Alexis Kendrick, Victoria Lucas-Perry and Shereka Wright.

April 23
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Lisa Leslie to a new multiyear contract and waive Gwen Jackson and Brandy Reed.
The San Antonio Silver Stars waive Shyra Ely.
The Seattle Storm waive Shaunzinski Gortman and Debbie Merrill.

April 20
The Seattle Storm sign Francesca Zara.
The New York Liberty waive Kiesha Brown.

April 16
The New York Liberty sign Angelina Williams.
The Detroit Shock waive Dionnah Jackson.

April 13
The Indiana Fever waive Linda Fr�hlich and trade their third-round pick in the 2008 Draft to the Sacramento Monarchs for the rights to Jessica Dickson.

April 12
The Detroit Shock announce that Kedra Holland-Corn has retired from the WNBA.
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Greeba Barlow.

April 11
The Chicago Sky re-sign Amanda Lassiter.

April 10
The Sacramento Monarchs re-sign Yolanda Griffith.

April 5
The Houston Comets have signed Latasha Byears.
The Detroit Shock have waived Angelina Williams.
The Phoenix Mercury have waived Kamila Vodichkova.

April 4
The Minnesota Lynx trade Tangela Smith to the Phoenix Mercury for the rights to No. 1 Draft pick Lindsey Harding.
The New York Liberty trade Becky Hammon and a second-round draft pick in 2008 to the San Antonio Silver Stars for the rights to No. 2 draft pick Jessica Davenport and a first-round pick in 2008.
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April 2
The New York Liberty trade Kelly Schumacher to the Phoenix Mercury for a second-round draft pick in 2008.

March 28
The Seattle Storm re-sign Iziane Castro Marques.
The San Antonio Silver Stars sign forward Khara Smith.
The Minnesota Lynx sign center Katryna Gaither.

March 23
The Indiana Fever re-sign free agent Anna DeForge and sign free agent Tammy Sutton-Brown.
The Chicago Sky trade Chelsea Newton and the 21st pick in the 2007 draft to the Sacramento Monarchs for the 10th pick in the 2007 draft.
The Indiana Fever trade LaTangela Atkinson to the Sacramento Monarchs for their 2008 second-round draft pick.

March 21
The Detroit Shock re-sign free agent Plenette Pierson.

March 20
The Phoenix Mercury sign Adriana Moises Pinto.

March 16
The Los Angeles Sparks re-sign Christi Thomas.

March 15
The Detroit Shock re-sign Elaine Powell and Dionnah Jackson.

March 14
The Indiana Fever exercise the 2008 option on Tan White's contract.
The Los Angeles Sparks re-sign Tiffany Stansbury.

March 13
The Seattle Storm sign Brooke Queenan, Andrea Bills, Yolanda Paige, Shereka Wright and Aya Traore.

March 8
The Phoenix Mercury re-sign free agent Penny Taylor.
The Chicago Sky sign restricted free agent Kayte Christensen.
The Seattle Storm re-sign free agent Janell Burse.

March 7
The Indiana Fever trade Olympia Scott to the Phoenix Mercury for Ann Strother.
The New York Liberty re-sign Erin Thorn and Ashley Battle.
The Houston Comets sign Hamch�tou Maiga-Ba.

March 6
The Detroit Shock sign unrestricted free agent Shannon Johnson.
The San Antonio Silver Stars sign restricted free agent Erin Buescher.
The Washington Mystics sign Miriam Sy.

March 5
The Connecticut Sun re-sign Laura Summerton.
The Houston Comets sign Tasha Butts.
The Los Angeles Sparks re-sign Tamara Moore and sign Gwen Jackson, Sheila Lambert, Edniesha Curry, Kaayla Chones, Nyree Roberts and Brandy Reed.

February 27
The Washington Mystics re-sign unrestricted free agent Chasity Melvin.
The San Antonio Silver Stars re-sign unrestricted free agent Marie Ferdinand.

February 23
The Seattle Storm re-sign restricted free agent Shaunzinski Gortman.

February 22
The Detroit Shock trade Ruth Riley to the San Antonio Silver Stars for Katie Feenstra.
The Connecticut Sun re-sign Jamie Carey.

February 21
The Connecticut Sun trade Taj McWilliams-Franklin to the Los Angeles Sparks for the rights to Erika de Souza and the Sparks� first pick (12th overall) in the 2007 draft.
The Connecticut Sun sign free agent Kristen Rasmussen.
The Phoenix Mercury trade Sandora Irvin to the San Antonio Silver Stars for a second-round pick in the 2008 draft.
The Minnesota Lynx re-sign free agent Svetlana Abrosimova.

February 16
The Los Angeles Sparks sign Marta Fernandez.

February 15
The Phoenix Mercury re-sign Kelly Miller.

February 14
The Minnesota Lynx trade Adrian Williams to the Sacramento Monarchs for Sacramento's second-round pick in the 2007 draft.

February 14
The Indiana Fever re-sign Tully Bevilaqua.

February 12
The Chicago Sky sign free agent Dominique Canty.

February 8
The Sacramento Monarchs re-sign Kara Lawson and Brittany Wilkins.

February 7
The Connecticut Sun re-sign Katie Douglas and Le'Coe Willingham.
The Washington Mystics re-sign Teana Miller.

February 6
The Los Angeles Sparks re-sign Chamique Holdsclaw and sign Ayana Walker.

February 5
The Phoenix Mercury re-sign Jennifer Lacy and Jen Derevjanik.

January 11
The Houston Comets waive Tamecka Dixon.

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