Axon Sports Cognitive Testing for Concussion Management

One in 10 Athletes will suffer a concussion this year, according to the CDC, yet the actual number could be much higher as concussions go unrecognized and underreported. Concussions don�t play favorites--they can occur in any sport, at any level, at any age. In basketball, an 11�year study by the American Academy of Pediatrics noted an ever-increasing level of competitiveness and intensity may be contributing to the increase in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). During this study period, the proportion of basketball-related TBIs doubled for boys and tripled for girls.

Today you can Play Prepared with an affordable Baseline test from

The Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT), powered by CogState, is a break though testing system to help qualified Medical Providers make decisions about when it is safe for Athletes to return to the classroom, practice, or competitive play.

As part of their pre-season prep, an Athlete establishes a Baseline or "snapshot" of their brains' speed and accuracy using the Axon Sports CCAT's four simple tasks. Repeating the same tasks After Injury identifies any cognitive changes from the Baseline. On average, an Athlete can complete the Baseline test in eight to 10 minutes. Results are available immediately and stored in the Athlete�s secure account.

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