Take Your Health by Storm

Take Your Health By Storm 30-Day Challenge!

We encourage all fans interested in creating healthy habits to participate with us and pick three daily goals to aspire to achieve for 30 days in a row, as well as a �stretch goal� that is achievable but a little more difficult than the first three.

�This 30 day challenge is such a great opportunity for us all to motivate each other, we can set and reach goals we have always wanted to achieve,� said Take Your Health by Storm registered dietician Wendy Caamano.

�Making little changes at a time may make living a healthier lifestyle more realistic and will add up to make a big difference. We have to start somewhere!� Caamano added.

How it works

Participants can earn one point for each daily goal reached and an additional 10 points if their stretch goal is reached!

The maximum number of point is 100 points over 30 days, so challenge yourself to earn as many points as you can and take steps to healthier living!

Use the Challenge Tracker to write down your goals and keep track of your daily successes!

Don�t forget to check out KB�s blog frequently to share your journey, get inspiration from others, and support other members of our Storm community!

Goal ideas:

  • Eat breakfast daily
  • Drink at least 8, 8oz glasses of water a day
  • Eat at least one meal as a together as a family each day
  • At least 30 minutes of activity a day
  • Eat at least one piece of fruit a day (snack and breakfast are the easiest)
  • Only eat 100% whole wheat bread
  • Go to sleep one hour earlier on week nights
  • Watch one less hour of TV a day

Stretch Goals

  • Cook at last 2 meals a week
  • Try a new recipe a week
  • Do a total of 150 minutes of walking/exercise a week

Are you in? Register below.