(About the play of the team in the second half) Turnovers, attention to details, that is the key. We had seven turnovers at halftime, which means we were taking care of the basketball and we were getting up and down the floor. We kept their scoring down, Whalen was the only one we were allowing to score. The second half we didn�t come back with the same intensity. When you turn the ball over, especially against a team like that, it is going to be very difficult to get back in the ball game, especially every time they score off one of our turnovers.

(On the improvement of the team since he took over) We are playing a lot better but that is not good enough. We are playing better and we are building, we are getting ready for next year. This is an evaluation stage for me. I think we can compete and be more focused for forty minutes, not just thirty-two minutes. Tonight for some reason we came out in the second half with our minds wandering because we started the game off with a couple turnovers in a row.

(On the guard play of Lindsay Whalen) �She had a great game today. We allowed her to score, we wanted her to make shots. She came out and got things going early. It got her confidence going.�

TANGELA SMITH (15 Pts, 2 Rebs)
(On what happened in the second half to the team) We didn�t come out to play basketball in the first five minutes. We got a lot of turnovers in the beginning of the second half. They made their run, we tried to fight and stay in it but they just kept coming back at us. Turnovers in the second half and them coming out focused hurt us.

(On the flow of the first half) I think it went both ways, the calls went both ways. We were down in the beginning for a little bit and we kept fighting and staying in it. It was close game, what hurt us was that we didn�t come out to play in the second half.

(On Lindsay Whalen�s play) She played really well. She was focused the whole game and she stayed aggressive the whole game. Her and Taj (McWilliams-Franklin) play well together. She was hot from the beginning and she kept on coming at us.