Tangela�s Diary

January 9, 2006
Dear Sting Fans:

My team just finished the first round of the season with a record of 2-3. We are tied at the third spot out of six teams. There are four rounds in the regular season and we play each team once in each round. Games have been very competitive so far with Americans such as Tina Thompson, Alana Beard, Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Shyra Ely, and Travessa Gant leading their teams.

Our games here are played using some of the new WNBA rules such as a 24 second shot clock and four quarters instead of two 20-minute halves. I think the 24 second shot clock speeds up the game a little bit, but the four quarters doesn�t seem like much of a big change - it just takes me back to my high school days.

Other than basketball, all I have been doing is reading, watching tv, and surfing the internet for Yorkshire Terriers. I have always wanted a puppy and I think Yorkies are so cute, so if there is anyone in Charlotte who breeds cute males please let me know.

I�m also learning how to use chopsticks since the Koreans use them for EVERYTHING. They use them when they eat rice, chicken, strawberries, soup, pizza, you name it. Speaking of rice, it's an everyday dish here. I�ve eaten it so much, that I had to start experimenting. Now I eat it wrapped in Kem, a Korean dish that looks like seaweed and gives it a little bit of flavor.

Another unique tradition among the Koreans is the respect that the younger girls on the team give to the older ones. For example, when the team is eating, the younger girls have to set everything out before we eat and clean up everything after everyone is done. They cannot be excused until all of the older girls are excused first. None of the girls are allowed to eat until the coach sits down to eat and none of them can leave before he does.

Well that�s all for now. It�s about my bedtime and I need to get ready for the second round of the season. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!

Until next time��

December 21, 2005
Dear Sting Fans:

I am finally settled in here in Seoul, Korea ready to start another WKBL season (Women�s Korean Basketball League). This is my third season playing here. I played for another team in 2001 and 2002, but now I�m playing for Samsung Women�s Basketball Team. I arrived here on November 26th, and all I�ve been doing so far is training. It's just like in the WNBA where we have a training camp before the season starts. Our first game is Wednesday, December 21st against my old team here .

I decided to come back to play here because the season is shorter here and it will help me to stay in great shape for this upcoming season with the Charlotte Sting. Another reason is because I love the shopping here. I can get a lot of tailor made clothes for very reasonable prices. Its great!!! I also love the food. It is just like being at home. I eat some Korean dishes, but they have a Friday's, Tony Roma�s, Bennigan's, Chili�s, Outback Steakhouse and so many other familiar restaurants. So I�m definitely not starving over here.

When I played here before, one Korean team could have two Americans on the same team. They have changed the rules, so now we can only have one. This means that I�m all alone here . It's ok though because I have a great translator who has made it very easy for me to adjust here.

The Korean culture is a lot different from what I�m used to so she has taught me all the things that I need to know to make it easier for me. It's definitely an interesting culture. I will share some of the different things that they do here that we don�t really do at home. For instance, here we stay in the dorms. Yeah I know that�s very funny huh? This is something that I really have to get used to. I haven�t stayed in a dorm since my freshman year in college!!!! I guess playing professional basketball for the women here is the same as being in college because they come straight to professional ball right after high school.

I have a room on the top floor of the dorm. At least I have everything I need, like a TV with American television shows, DSL/computer, telephone, books, and DVD's. I�m all set for the season. I think I have plenty of things to keep me occupied while I�m over here. All I have to do is focus on playing basketball and helping my team win a championship. I will be checking in with all you great Sting fans periodically and telling you all about my experience here in Korea and a little more about the Korean culture. I hope you enjoy my journals.

Until Next Time���.