Tammy Answers

Sting center Tammy Sutton-Brown has been playing well for the Sting to start the 2004 season. Averaging 10.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game, Tammy recently hit a career milestone by recording her 1,000th WNBA point on June 26 vs. Indiana. Tammy took a few minutes however to answer some of the questions you submitted. Check out what she had to say!
Ashley (Fort Washington, MD): Which teammate have you bonded with most?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: I am probably the closest with the girls who have been here since I�ve been here, but the new girls are fitting in well.

Brandon (Emporia): Do you think that the Sting have a shot to win a championship this year? And do you have pretty feet?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Yes of course. There is no way I�d still be playing if I did not think we had a chance at the championship. And yes, my feet are beautiful!

Anthony (Milwaukee): Who is your favorite NBA player?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Vince Carter, because he is a talented athlete and he plays for the Toronto Raptors, my hometown team. It also doesn�t hurt that he is an attractive man.

Natalie (Clarkesville, GA): Hi Tammy! I am 11 years old and dream of being a WNBA player someday. You are a great b-ball player. What is it like to play against the other greats (Lisa Leslie, Lauren Jackson etc.)?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: The WNBA is probably the greatest league worldwide and I am honored to be playing with and against the best players in the world. I feel so fortunate because I have been blessed with the talent to play the game. It is truly a great feeling to compete against the best in the world every night.

Karisa (Lancaster, CA): Tammy, I really enjoy watching you play the game of basketball. I like the fact you have so much confidence in the game. What do you do in the offseason to stay in shape? How does it feel to have Nicole Powell on the same team? I wish you the best of luck through the season. God Bless.

Tammy Sutton-Brown: I played over in Korea in the offseason to keep myself in shape as well as to earn a few more dollars. Nicole Powell is a great player. She is the future of the WNBA and an awesome person.

Mitzi (Bountiful, UT): What do you like best about playing in Charlotte?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: The best part about playing in Charlotte is the group of girls here. We all get a long so well.

Steven (Charlotte): What have you focused on during the offseason to help you regain your 2002 All-Star performance? Also, how important is it for the fan participation during the game? Do you hear the fans cheering for you, especially those in Section 110?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Fan participation is huge! I believe that when we, the players, get tired, the noise of the crowd gives us energy.

T. Miller (Baton Rouge, LA): Tammy, I really enjoy watching you play. Your play seems so effortless, you are so smooth. You are having a terrific season. My question is what has been the biggest turnaround from last season?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Hey girl, I miss you. I can�t wait to see the baby. The biggest turnaround has been my focus coming into training camp. I came in with the attitude �Do what you do.� This is my motto this season.

Pam (Piscataway): Hi Tammy, Holla back for us here at Rutgers. What�s the biggest difference between pros and college ball?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: The biggest difference I would say is the number of games we play in the short amount of time in the WNBA. The games are so much more difficult because of the amount of travel we do in between as well as the physical nature of the game itself.

Robert (Charlotte): Hi Tammy, You are my favorite player along with Allison Feaster. My question is will you finish your WNBA career in Charlotte? I have half season tickets to the weekend games, Sec 124, Row A, Seats 1 and 2 and they are great seats for the price. Best of luck to you in everything you pursue on and offcourt.

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Thank you. If it was up to me I would definitely love to finish my career here. Charlotte is where I started and I�d love to finish here.

Tara (Palo Alto): Dear Tammy, I think you are a great player even though I have only started following WNBA basketball since Nicole Powell went to Charlotte. I am wondering what you suggest practicing the most and what is an efficient way to practice this skill? Go Sting!!!

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Hey Tara, first of all I would want to know how old you are. I think the best skill to develop right from the beginning is dribbling. Practice both left hand and right, then graduate to two balls at once. Being able to handle a basketball is one of the fundamentals a player should possess.

Madd Country (Houston, TX): Hello Tammy! What are you planning on doing after your basketball career is over? Have a great season Tammy and good luck!

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Honestly I am not 100% sure at the moment, but what I can tell you is that it will definitely have something to do with children because I love kids.

Tracy (Lithonia, GA): It seems like you are headed toward the best season of your career. What strategies have you employed in order to improve as an individual and be a better team player during the offseason?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: This season I have held onto a motto, �do what you do� and this has kept me focused on the task at hand and kept me focused on taking this season one game at a time, one day at a time.

Marques (Newark, NJ): What was it like coming from Canada knowing that you were going to play college ball in America? Was there extra motivation in high school knowing that there was a next level of basketball in America after college? I�m a big fan and have followed you since Rutgers. Keep up the good work!

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Actually when I was in high school, college basketball was not what I thought I would be doing in my future. It wasn�t until about my junior year that it hit me that I could receive a full scholarship and get my education while at the same time doing what I love.

Nicole (Stryker): How does it feel to be playing basketball as a career?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: It is probably the best feeling in the world to get paid for doing what I love. I have been blessed.

Max (New Jersey): Hey Tammy, what was it like playing at Rutgers?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: It was a great experience. Rutgers was my foundation for the WNBA. It is where I learned all about the game, from skill work to mental preparation. I had fun!

Monica (Fayetteville): Tammy, it has been a pleasure to see you perform so well this season. I noticed some good communication between you and Nicole Powell during the San Antonio game. Although she plays guard most of the time, what do you think about her game in the paint?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Nicole is a great player who I believe will be around for a long time. She is so versatile. She is 6-2 and can handle the ball with ease and at the same time post up and score in the paint.

Andy (Lexington): Tammy, you have muscle definition in your arms this year that you haven�t had in the past. Have you been doing a lot more weight training or fitness training in general? You look like you�re in the best shape of your life.

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Thank you. After not having the best season last year I tried to focus a lot more time this year to the weight room. One thing about this league, is that if you are not strong you will get knocked around.

Veronica (Charlotte): Tammy, I have my 13 year old niece visiting from Ohio. She plays basketball and has a genuine love for the game. My surprise for her is to bring her to a Charlotte Sting game tomorrow on Father�s Day. I know you�re a very busy woman your team works hard, I was never much interested in the WNBA until I saw the Sting play last year. If you could just say hello to my niece. She has traveled a long distance for this opportunity and I would be very grateful. He name is Sadie Reid and if God will it, one day I will be watching her play in the WNBA some day. She�s a good young lady and works hard. She plays center for her team now and is looking forward to playing for her school in the fall. God bless you and keep up the good work.

Tammy Sutton-Brown: Thank you. I know this response is after the game, but I hope your niece enjoyed herself. Keep encouraging her and you will be watching her play in another ten years or so.