Sting�s Kelly Mazzante Makes Most of Offseason

The word �offseason� has multiple meanings in the WNBA. It runs from September to April, allowing coaches to scout future talent and front office personnel to plan for the upcoming season while fans anxiously await Opening Night.

Some WNBA players � like one of Kelly Mazzante�s favorite teammates, Allison Feaster - head to Europe and play basketball overseas. Some � like Mazzante�s teammate and role model, Dawn Staley - coach at the college level during the winter months. Others hold �9 to 5� jobs or give back to the community through various appearances and charitable events.

Kelly Mazzante Camp

Mazzante, a rising star for the Charlotte Sting, is an exception. The all-time leading scorer in Big-10 history (men�s or women�s) has already juggled quite a few things this winter, her first WNBA offseason after completing her rookie campaign last summer.

A highly accomplished student-athlete in college, Mazzante performed at the very highest levels in the classroom and on the court in her four years at Penn State. After being selected by Charlotte in the 2004 WNBA Draft, Mazzante learned the pro game from veteran teammates Staley, Feaster and Stinson while also providing a scoring spark and improving her all-around game.

Once the season ended, her schedule got even busier. She returned to school to earn her degree in public relations. While completing her final semester, Mazzante helped practice against and coach her former Nittany Lion teammates.

A native of Pennsylvania, Mazzante also found time to host her own shooting camp. Girls ages 9-17 attended the camp and learned from the local legend in October.

Mazzante at Penn State
Mazzante moved to Texas after the holidays, where she currently plays for the NWBL�s Lubbock Hawks. This league allows former college and current WNBA stars to continue playing in the U.S. throughout the year. Mazzante is back in the starting lineup, scoring in bunches and playing nearly the entire game, a role she perfected in college. In fact, Mazzante leads the Hawks with nearly 15 points per game.

In January, Mazzante was honored by the NCAA for yet another award � the Top VIII Award, given to eight student-athletes based on Athletic Ability & Achievement, Academic Excellence, Character and Leadership.

In April, Mazzante will report back to Charlotte and begin her �sophomore� season with the Sting. Training camp is just around the corner, but there is little doubt that Mazzante will be ready for WNBA action once again.