Q & A With Tammy Sutton-Brown

In just a few short months, Tammy Sutton-Brown will begin her fifth season in the WNBA. The Charlotte Sting�s 6�4 center helped the team reach the WNBA Finals in 2001, was named an All-Star in 2002 and continued to post strong numbers in 2004 (9.6 ppg, 6.2 rpg and 2.1 bpg). The Toronto native and Rutgers University grad normally plays overseas during the winter, but decided to come back to North America in 2005 to work out with team trainers, make some community appearances and catch some NBA games!

What have you been up to since the Sting season ended last September?
Well, I�m usually not here at this time of year because I play basketball overseas during the WNBA offseason. I was in Russia for two months this winter, but came back in time for the holidays. We went undefeated while I was over in Russia, and last year my team in Korea won their championship. I�ve played in Korea or Russia the last four seasons.

What are the differences in playing overseas compared to the WNBA?
Worldwide, we use the smaller ball now. It�s a new rule as of this year. So overseas and internationally, it�s the same size as the WNBA ball. We do get spoiled in the WNBA. Overseas, it�s just a different lifestyle compared to the hotels, travel and food in America. North America is definitely my home. Basketball has allowed me to travel and see the world. Someday I will be able to share those stories with my kids!

What is up next for you?
I�m turning 27 years old this week and I�m excited to take in the Bobcats vs. Raptors game on Friday to watch my NBA teams face each other! I�ll sign some autographs at halftime, too. In February, I�ll represent the Sting at the NBA All-Star festivities in Denver. I�ll be there all week long, participating in fan fests and community appearances. I�ve never been to the NBA All-Star Game because I�ve always been overseas, so it should be fun. Check www.charlottesting.com for my all-star photo diary!

I�ll be back to Charlotte in April if not sooner, working out with our coaches and trainers to get ready for the 2005 season. We tip off May 21, so it�s really not that far away.

Which teams look good in women�s college basketball this season?
I got to see UNC-Charlotte play on Sunday and they had a big win. Of course, Rutgers is my alma mater, so I have to root for them. They�re ranked in the top ten and have had some big wins this season. I always pull for the Big East because of Rutgers, but I�m also interested in how Dawn (Staley) and her team are doing at Temple!

What�s in store for the Sting in 2005?
Playoffs, definitely a return to the WNBA Playoffs! I�m excited for May - we have the #1 pick and it should be a good year. When we are out there on the court, it�s great to see all the familiar faces and new faces in the crowd. The players definitely hear and appreciate the fans!

Charlotte Sting season tickets begin at just $102 and are available now by calling (704) 424-WNBA. For a complete 2005 schedule, visit www.charlottesting.com.