(On the game) We can�t keep giving the ball to good teams and then let them go straight to the basket. It�s been a pattern that we come out strong in the second half, but then we have too many turnovers to the other team and don�t capitalize on the mistake. We just need to do a better job taking care of the ball. I think we lose our focus offensively, and they were shooting for the passing lanes. We even talked about it at halftime. We just didn�t make the adjustments. We had the turnovers that lead to easy baskets and it just turned out to be the backbreaker.

(On Sheryl Swoopes) We did a really good job on her in the first half. We knew he (Houston Coach Van Chancellor) was going to try and get the ball in her hands, and he did. That�s why she�s a superstar and an all-star.

(On Jia Perkins) I think she is gaining confidence. It�s an evolution that is going to take some time for her to develop. I think it�s going to get harder for her because other teams will start preparing for her and playing her different. She just has to continue to learn. Jia just gives us something different. She can put the ball on the deck and really take it to the hole. She can give us the defensive pressure. The only thing again is that she is young, and she is still learning, and everyone around her is learning to play with her.

TANGELA SMITH (9 Pts, 10 Rebs, 1 Blk)
(On keys of the game) I�d say turnovers and not boxing out on the free throw line. We also didn�t do a great job of taking care of the ball. We really start off great at the beginning of the games but fail to finish. It�s hard to put a finger on why, but we don�t seem to come out with the same effort in the second half.

(On Michelle Snow) I think she has improved tremendously. You have to pump fake on her offensively, because she�s a great shot blocker. She is really starting to become a force to reckoned with.

ALLISON FEASTER (12 Pts, 3-4 3FGs, 4 Rebs)
(On keys of the game) I think it was turnovers, first and foremost. We didn�t take care of the ball down the stretch like we should have. We had defensive plays, but instead of executing them properly, we fouled and put them at the free throw line.

(On Swoopes� performance) I think she is a great player, but the game is 40 minutes. We did a good job on her in the first half, but she got hot in the second. Great players usually step up when the game is on the line, and she is a great player.