Get To Know Sheri Sam

One of the new members of the Sting in 2005, Sheri Sam had an immediate impact for the team on the court. Now find out what this experienced veteran likes to do when she's away from the court.

Full Name: Sheri Lynette Sam

Birthday: May 5

Nickname: Ree or Ree-Ree

Favorite Book: Freckle Juice

Favorite Author: Maya Angelou

Favorite Movies: Grease II and Remember the Titans

Favorite food: Seafood

Favorite athlete: Barry Bonds

Hobbies: Likes to read and write poetry and is learning to play the guitar

Other sports she enjoys playing: Softball, Tennis, Golf

Favorite cities to visit: Seattle and Montego Bay

Pets: A mini dachshund named Rafiki

After her playing career is over Sheri would like to open a poetry/jazz club and own her own marketing/advertising business. She also wants to stay connected to the game by doing some sports broadcasting.