It was a gallant effort on our part, in terms of making a comeback. We exerted a lot of energy to come back and tie it. We held them to 17 points in the entire second half. Basically, in overtime it comes down to scores and stops. We missed some shots in overtime, and they got some easy looks, and that was really the difference in the game.

(on expending too much energy to make a comeback)
We expended a lot of energy to get back into the game. But, I still feel like in overtime we had some good looks that we really should have put down. Washington is a very physical team; it was a very physical game. We played our hearts out to get back into the game, and we just came up a little short.

(on Janel McCarville�s performance)
It was a good night from Janel, and that�s the type of minutes that we need from her. She had 11 points and seven boards. That�s probably the bright spot in terms of her being able to get some playing time. We�ve got to have more of an inside presence in the post. We did a good job on the boards, I just think we�ve got to be more physical, and learn to play against other team�s physicality.

(on Washington�s offensive rebounds)
They are long and athletic, and we had talked about being able to box them out and get some space. One of the things that hurt us was their guards, their quickness, picking up those long rebounds. I thought our turnovers hurt us, and our inability to score underneath the basket hurt us, too.

(on what she would do differently)
We�ve got to learn to play more physical. We�ve got to have better ball movement and better space so we can get better looks. I think it might open it up for us.

(on what she said to the team)
I commended them for their fight and their determination to come back and take the game into overtime. Now it�s just a matter of finishing the game. We missed our first two shots in overtime, and Washington scored their first two. In overtime, usually the game goes to the team that can score first and keep the momentum going. It just didn�t happen for us in overtime.

(on if this loss is more troubling)
They are mentally tough. We�ve had other close losses this year. They continue to fight back, and I don�t expect this to be any different. We�ve just got to bear down and take better care of the basketball and execute our offense down the stretch.

We had an 8-2 run and we allowed them to catch up; we just lost our momentum.

We had great momentum going into overtime, but we didn�t let it carry over. We lost our fight in the end.

This Thursday we need to go in with an open mind and stay positive; we need to believe in each other and believe in ourselves.

It was a very physical game and it frazzled us a little bit, but we certainly came back and showed some physical play of our own.

We just need to take tonight and build off it. We know their sets and what they�ve done. Most importantly we know that our defense can play against them.

We need to learn from tonight and not get ourselves in a deep hole like we did. It took a lot out of us to fight through tonight and try to come back and tie it up.

I think the physical aspect will carry over since we will be playing in their house on Thursday.