(On the game) Every possession in that game counted. We had a couple opportunities where we could have extended the lead. We made some not-so-good decisions down the stretch. It was a very close game. Seattle was very smart. Everybody knew that they were going to Lauren Jackson late and we did our best to defender, but she�s a great player. It was a well-played game. Seattle just made better decisions down the stretch.

(On the effort( It thought we played hard. Our nemesis at the moment seems to be that we just can seem to put the ball in the hole. We�re getting the shots that we want but for whatever reason, we didn�t knock them down.

(On the Storm�s post players) They were playing a high-low game and just throwing it up there. Lauren�s going to get it. We were sending help and everything else we can do, but she�s a great player. We still held her 17 points, and for playing against the best player in the world that�s not too bad.

(On McCarville�s return from injury) I think that definitely gave us a boost. She needs to get out there and get some game experience. She�s been out for about two and a half weeks now, and considering that she played well. I�m excited to have her back.

(On her return) It felt really good being able to get back out there with my teammates I think I was really excited for it and we came out strong and held our ground for a while, but it came down to the last shot.

(On the Storm�s inside players) They�re tough. Lauren Jackson is a big reason why they are where they are. It�s just night in, night out, you�ve got to go against players like that. You can�t let her abuse us like she did, but we put forth a pretty good effort. She�s a premier post player. (She can) step outside, play inside. (She uses) finesse and strength when she needs to.

(On what has to change) We just have to make some shots. We can�t continue to shoot 30 percent from the field. We�ve got to make shots, we�ve got to rebound the basketball, we�ve got to play 40 minutes. If we put together a 40-minute game, I think we�ll be all right. We played hard. That�s not the problem. We just have to do it for 40 minutes.

(On playing her old team) It�s good to compete against them. I won a championship with them, you see all the old faces and that�s a good feeling. But once we�re on the court, we just wanted to win the basketball game and all that stuff is put aside.

(On losing close games) It�s still a loss. It has the same effect whether you lose by 30 points or one point. We�ve just got to keep going at it and keep playing hard. We�re right there. It�s just making shots. Once we start making shots in 40 minutes of consistent basketball, we�ll get that win.

(On Lauren Jackson) I knew she was a great player going into the game and very physical. I had to do what I could to limit her touches. But it wasn�t all about me. I had to get help from my teammates because she�s a great player.

(On the game) We didn�t play for the full game. We had a lead, and we gave it up. We have to have that killer instinct. When have a lead we have to fight. We let them control the tempo at the end of the game, and we needed to control the tempo.