(On the game) We played well at times. We played extremely hard. We cut it down to four. We didn't execute down the stretch.

(On changes that will be made for the August game) I will have to take a look at the tape. It is difficult to say at this point.

(About Nicole Powell's performance) She played well.

(About Yolanda Griffith's performance) Yolanda is having a spectacular season as well. The whole franchise is playing well. They will go deep into the play-offs.

TANGELA SMITH (19 pts, 10 rebs)
(On playing back in Sacramento)
I thought it was good. I felt good. I'm just happy to play the game. I miss the fans.

(On the game)
I played to help my team win. Unfortunately, we didn't get the win. I just have to play aggressive. We need to execute down the stretch and not turnover as much. I think we ran out of gas.

(On playing against Yolanda Griffith)
Sometimes I guarded her. It felt weird. I just had to play the game. We played hard.

(On the trade back in March)
I was surprised. When I got the phone call he asked if I was sitting down. It is a business. A lot of players are going to be traded back and forth. I'm happy to be in Charlotte. I'd be happier if we were winning more. I like the team and I like the coaches. They made me feel welcome.

(On Nicole Powell and Yolanda Griffith)
I think they play very well. Nicole is getting along very well with the team. Yolanda always plays well. They have a great team.

SHERI SAM (17 pts, 3 rebs)
(On the game)
I think we played a good game. In the end we had it down to four points. We couldn't execute and we couldn't score. We had too many fouls and we scored a few baskets.

(On Nicole Powell's performance)
She had a decent game. She knocked down open shots. She did her job.

DAWN STALEY (8 points, 7 assists)
(On the game)
We played well for 35 minutes. We usually lose the basketball game in those five minutes. The end of the first half we dug ourselves in a hole and we were unable to score. We got ourselves back in the game, which is a good sign. I think we were fighting hard. This team is resilient. We have dealt with a lot of things this season. The pressure is on. We will survive.

(On any change in Nicole Powell's performance)
Nicole is playing loose. Nicole is playing good. Nicole is playing her type of basketball. What she went through last year only makes her stronger. She shoots 3's and she can pass the basketball.

(On changes for next game against Monarchs)
They will probably have DeMya back. We have to make more shots and put more points on the scoreboard.

(About Yolanda Griffith's performance this season)
She is somebody you want on your team not playing against. She can do it all. She gets the extra possessions. She dives for the ball. There is no substitute for a player like Yolanda. I have hoped to play with her. I was able to play with her on the Olympic team. She was the unsung hero. She has always been the MVP. She led our team in rebounds. I take my hat off to her.