(On what happened in the end) Just lack of execution the last couple plays and the last play we fumbled the ball and turned it over. It�s a players game. The players have got to make plays.

(On whether it was the best second half of the season) Yeah, and I think we had to. We were down seven at halftime and came out and made a run. In a game that tight, every possession is critical. We also had some defensive laps, double teaming people for no reason and leaving open three�s. All those things add up. In a tight game like that, every possession counts.

(On the shooting) We�ve been working on a lot of shooting. We were 58 percent from three-pointers, consider that a positive. We also shot 42 percent from the field, and that�s a positive too. But at the end of the day it�s the scoreboard that counts, and we didn�t make the plays to win the game down the stretch.

(On team morale) I think with each tough loss like this it gets a little bit tougher. We�re going to take a little break here and take a few days off. When we come back we�ll just start over again.

We got the same shots that we�ve been getting. We just hit more of them. The key for us is rebounding. We�ve got to get second and third shots. We just have not been doing that and the other team has. We�ve got to have people doing their jobs.

(On rebounding) Rebounding is a big key and is something we hoped to address in the offseason. Obviously we haven�t so far. But in order to win basketball games you�ve got to be able to score. You have to have more possessions, and that�s rebounding the ball and making sure on offense that you get a good shot.

(On which position most needs improvement) It depends on the day, but our post players need to do a better job rebounding. It�s a team effort. It doesn�t come down to one person or one possession. It�s got to be a total team effort.

(On her offensive production tonight) We�re just starting to gel more on offense. I think players go through a cycle, and you�re up and down at times during the season, and I�m in the up cycle now.

(On whether this game was a turning point for her) I feel like the last game was a turning point. I don�t really measure myself so much as the team. As long as we get open shots, they�re going to fall eventually. I�m still encouraged by what we do on the court. I think these last two games, you have to take the positives away from these close losses. I�m encouraged by what�s to come.

(On tonight�s three-point shooting) I think any basket that can score is important, whether it�s from inside or outside. I think we just have to continue to take ownership and responsibility.

(On shooting) I think it�s psychological, and it�s also about heart. It�s an intangible that we must grasp in the very near future. I think we need to show a lot of heart in these tough games.

(On whether the close games is a good sign) We�ve made strides. Even from the loss we had in Detroit. We�re not satisfied at all to say, �Hey, we�re losing by less now.� We�re just that much closer to going on our own little streak.

(On whether there�s been improvement) We are getting better. Obviously it�s not enough unless you come out on top. We�ve been doing better in practices. It�s going to start coming together. Shots are going to start falling. We just need to keep up the intensity and keep being aggressive.

(On how to improve rebounding) Rebounding is just about being aggressive and going after the ball. Now and then you�ll get some bad bounces, but we just need to keep focused and realize that�s part of the game.