(On the game) Tonight our ball movement was a lot better, but the difference tonight was that we hit some shots that we had been missing early on. All season long, we�ve been getting good looks and haven�t quite been able to put them down but tonight we did. We also did a tremendous defensive job on a very talented Minnesota team. I just will say about this team that they have so much character and a lot of heart. They have fought through some tough times and have steadily improved even though it may not be as visual as you would like. But they have worked hard to come together. We just have to build on this and take it one game at a time.�

(On if there were any changes in the offense itself or if it was just offensive execution) It takes time getting them to know each other. We still had a few turnovers there, but we�ve been working on our offense a lot. Offense is all about timing and knowing players. For a team that has never played together and the top three subs off the bench are new, they�ve had to work through a whole lot and have stuck together. I�m really proud of them.

(On the Stings� 14 steals) Our strength is in our defense. We really have been focused on team defense, and that�s how we have to beat people, with our team defense and team offense. We just committed to that and have to continue to do those things for the rest of the season.

(On Allison Feaster�s performance) Allison�s point production had been down. I talked to her today, and I take responsibility for that. I need to get her more looks and try to get her the ball. Some nights it�s a little bit easier than others, because people key on her every night. She shot the ball well, and did a helluva job on Katie Smith. She played 39 minutes and guarded one of the most prolific scorers in WNBA history. She does that night in and night out and is just a tremendous leader for us.

(On the balance the team got with the inside-outside game) It was what we have been hoping for all along. Tangela Smith is starting to really find her groove. Tammy [Sutton-Brown] has played well offensively all season. Where she really makes a difference for us is defensively and with rebounding. It was very physical in there tonight, but she held her own. That�s just how it works for us. We have to be clicking on all cylinders, and tonight we were clicking.

(On the performance of Jia Perkins off the bench) We have been waiting for that. Again, when you have young players and a new team, sometimes you just need to be patient and work through the mistakes. Jia plays so hard but doesn�t have experience. Tonight she put it together and played with a lot more poise. Her defensive intensity was great, too. I hope that she can just build on that.

(On how good it feels to have everything come together) It�s a great feeling, but it�s just one win. We have a long way to go and are still very optimistic about the season. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is over. Nothing is finished. We�re going to keep fighting and see what happens.

(On what coach might have said to help set her off) Nothing she really said set me off. I was aggressive the last game with my shots. I�m just looking to take my shots. That�s what the team needs, and that�s what I�m going to try to continue to do. Luckily, I had some 3s that were able to fall tonight. I�ve been feeling pretty confident lately, and my teammates are doing a great job of kicking it out when they�re double-teamed. It�s just really a great team effort to get the ball where it needs to be.

(On holding Katie Smith to 12 points) I can�t even take credit for that. She is an awesome offensive player. She reads the screens so well, and my teammates did a great job of helping me out and switching off on her when I was beat. I really can�t take credit for holding her down. It was a team effort.

(On getting off to a fast start) I think it was very important for our team. We want to establish ourselves on the defensive end initially. I think one of our goals was to try to attack the inside and go inside-out to open up the perimeter shot, and that got us off to the fast start.

(On limiting Nicole Ohlde and Vanessa Hayden�s effectiveness) We were coming over and helping by digging down from the perimeter � pretty much just getting the ball out of their hands. They did a pretty good job on us the first time, and I think that any time something happens like that, you take it personal. We watched the game film and we didn�t want to get beat like that again. We just wanted to establish ourselves down there while banging with Hayden and Ohlde down low.

(On the important of the balance the team had) It�s very important. I think this is something that we need to take with us into the All-Star break and into the next game and feel good about it. We had some very good things that took place today. We just need to take that away and build on it right now.