(On the game) We fought our way back in and we had some easy looks down the stretch that could of possibly brought us a little closer. We had to exert a lot of energy to get back into the game and at that point you almost have to play perfect basketball to come back and win it. We had our young kids out there and they were playing hard. We are trying to get them some experience so that they know what it feels like to play in a tough environment to play against some of the best players in the world in Sheryl Swoopes and Janeth Arcain. I was really proud of the effort, we just came up a little bit short.

(On the team's record) We need more time, we have a lot of young players, five out of our top eight players are in their first or second year. Three of our top players are new to the team, obviously we'd hope we'd turn it around sooner than this. They showed a tremendous amount of character, because no matter what happens they come back and work hard. If they keep working hard at it before long, it's going to turn around. We are trying to rebuild our team. We've got to get our young players some team experience and the only way they are going to get that experience is to put them out there. Even though we lost tonight, I think it was valuable because our young players played a lot of minutes and they got the experience they need to help us in the second half of the season. We just have to continue to work hard, be patient and be positive.

ALLISON FEASTER (17 Pts, 5 Asts, 2 Rebs)
(On the game) It's going to take a little more heart and a little more consistency throughout the game. We put together some great stretches and I think the key for us is to find a little more heart and desire to get that win. Our philosophy is to try get the ball inside, obviously Michelle Snow disturbed a lot of our shots. I think the 3-point shots were there early on and we took what was open for us, but later on in the second half we got more shots inside. We were trying to mix it up a little bit.

TANGELA SMITH (19 Pts, 8 Rebs)
(On her play) I don't know what it is, I just come in and try to be aggressive and do what I need to do to help the team out. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough tonight. We fought back, we stayed together and tried to fight back until the end. Unfortunately, we didn't come up with a win, but we showed that we have a lot of fight in us. I didn't shoot well tonight, I shot 23 times and that's a lot of shots. I guess I need to concentrate more, my teammates were giving me the ball and I just wasn't putting it down. It felt like I took a lot of shots and I missed a lot of shots, but I was just trying to make stuff happen.

(On the team's record) I don't think its one set thing, it's a lot of things combined. Not playing for 40 minutes and just coming out playing in spurts, we can't do that, we have to play aggressive at all times. Rebound, defend, its a lot of things we just have to put together.