Catching Up With Tangela Smith

Acquired by Charlotte from the Sacramento Monarchs, Tangela Smith is now in the midst of her first Sting training camp. We caught up with the seven-year WNBA veteran to get her thoughts on the Sting and the upcoming season.

(On the upcoming season)
�I�m very excited about joining this team. I�m also looking forward to playing with Dawn Staley. Everyone has made me feel very welcome here on the team and in Charlotte.

(On offseason changes the Sting made)
�I just want to come in and see where I fit in. I saw the additions that the organization made and I felt that they were good moves. I�m very excited to be here.�

(On helping the offense)
�Whatever I can do for the team I want to do. I�m known for my offense, but I just want to fit in with the team. Team chemistry is very important. Trudi (Lacey) has been pounding that into our heads, and I think that�s very important. I just want to strengthen what I�ve been doing in the league and capitalize off of that.�

(On how the WNBA has evolved)
�I went to the University of Iowa years ago. This league is really growing. I think that the league has grown so much since I began and I�m proud of that. Now all of the girls that are coming into the league are really, really good and it�s more competition out there. Talent-wise everyone is good from the first to the last player.�

(On comparing Sacramento to Charlotte)
�Back in Sacramento we ran a lot. We ran a lot of fast breaks on offense. I don�t think they run as much here. Charlotte is more of a half court team. Here it�s more setting up plays and finding the best space possible.�

(On transitioning from Sacramento to Charlotte)
�I think it�s going to be easy. I�m a quick learner so whatever the coach throws at me I�m willing to adapt and learn.�