Catching Up With Helen Darling

One of the new faces in Sting training camp this season is WNBA veteran Helen Darling. Acquired this offseason in a trade with the Minnesota Lynx, Darling is now looking to make an impact in Charlotte. We caught up with Helen during training camp to get her thoughts on number of subjects. Check out what she had to say.

How was your off-season experience as a coach at Memphis?
It was different, but it taught me a lot. Being an assistant coach taught me a lot about the game, but at the same time, I�m used to playing and being on the court.

What is it like to move around to different teams?
I was hurt when the Cleveland Rockers left because it was close to my home (Columbus). With Minnesota, I was only there for a year. I really think I can make Charlotte my home. Hopefully, I will be here for awhile.

What are your initial impressions of Charlotte?
I love it. Coach Lacey does a great job of making everyone feel wanted and needed.

What are your expectations of training camp?
I expect it to be hard and tough. I feel that everything that we will do will be done with a purpose.

Have any of the rookies stood out so far?
Well we really haven�t done anything so far in practice that would allow them to stand out, but I�m sure the time will come when someone will.