(On the game) �Tough night, anytime you shoot twenty and miss you�re not going to beat anybody in this league. And that�s exactly what took place in the second half. We just couldn�t put the ball in the basket. The first eight minutes was a struggle. They are a very good team, there aren�t ranked number one for nothing. They have very talented players at every position and not any weakness there.

(On Margo Dydek) Margo just takes up so much room in the middle. She alters your shot as well as block your shot. It was tough tonight for us, but I�m proud of the players. They competed, didn�t quit and constantly fought back. We had an opportunity to cut it to six, but the ball just didn�t bounce our way. That�s the way it goes.

(On the team competing) We�re the type of team that won�t quit and we compete until the very last second. And this team understood that when I took over because I stressed to the team that we would give 110 percent every night that we are on the floor.

(On the season) I�ve been pretty pleased with the team. We have to get better as a basketball club. We have our work cut out and I know that there is no one in this organization that is pleased with the way we finished with our record. But we picked up a positive out of this that the way we played this last month has been very encouraging and I�m really looking forward to training camp next year. Hopefully we can get a good selection in the draft that will make a big difference.

(On the offseason) We�re going to sit down and evaluate. We already have several players that are under contract like Sheri, Tangela, and Helen. Tammy�s a free agent we and we�ve expressed to her that we definitely want her back. Allison Feaster is also under contract with us, she will return after she has her wonderful baby. We have d a few players that are under contract and we�ve got to sit down and just talk. It�s going to at least be six or seven players that will return back. I like a lot of our players. I can get a lot out of them I just didn�t have much time with them and I believe that I can teach them some ways to better their game as well as make a better basketball team.

JANEL MCCARVILLE (7 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals)
(On what needs to be done for next year) I don�t think we need to do much. I think it�s just a matter of playing together. I think being with Muggsy and his style of playing took a little bit (of an adjustment) but once we did we were successful and won games with him. We�ve come further than we expected with him and next year it will just be people coming off the bench and being productive.

(On her rookie season) I�m glad it�s over and I don�t have to do the dumb things like get down and carry bags anymore. I had a great season with the team, I love the team and I�m looking forward to being back.

JIA PERKINS (8 points, 3 assists, 3 steals, 3 rebounds)
(On her performance) I was struggling offensively, so defensively I was trying to put us back in the game but offensively we did not have a good game tonight.

(On what needs to be done for next year) I think we just need to score the ball because we have the defense. I just think we need to put together our offense and then our defense is going to work for us.