(On the game)I think the big difference tonight was that we were able to keep the top offensive rebounding team in the league to nine offensive rebounds.� We did have 17 turnovers, but they didn�t score as many as they normally can off our turnovers.� I think everybody really contributed tonight.� We had one of our top players go down, Tangela Smith, but Teana (Miller), Ayana Walker, (Adrienne) Goodson and Janel (McCarville) played a heck of a game tonight.� I think that was a major difference of why we came out with a win tonight.

(On players stepping up in Tangela Smith�s absence) I told Janel if Tangela couldn�t go she needed to step up along with the other players coming off the bench.� When one of your best players goes down normally someone steps up.� I�m glad they were able to step up.� They got the minutes.� Everyone was pretty much on the same page for 40 minutes.� No one really missed assignments.� They did everything I asked them to do and kept Detroit out of the middle.� They only scored four points in the entire second half in the paint.� Cheryl Ford didn�t hurt us at all tonight.� You just have to tip your hat off to the ladies.

(On the team playing with poise) Something we were stressing was trying to be under control and keeping our composure and don�t let them force us to play a game we are unaccustomed to playing.� Tonight we had total control.� Helen (Darling) did an excellent job running the ball club as well as Caity Matter when she came in to spell Helen.� That�s what it takes.

(On Teana Miller) Teana�s a beast down there.� She has some nice post up moves.� She can shoot with her left hand as well as her right hand.� We�re trying to get her as as many touches as we can when she�s in the ball game.� Tonight she knew she was going to be out there for an extended period of time, even though her shoulder went out during the warm-ups.� That was a little scary.� It felt like my whole squad was going down, but she was a warrior tonight.

(On the team�s effort) We�re still playing for next year.� I�m still evaluating.� We�re not going to quit until the last game�s over.� They understand that.� They are giving 110% every time they step out on the basketball court.� I appreciate that.� Considering their record they could have really took off and just called it quits.� They are playing hard, everyone who comes in is trying to give 110% effort and that�s what we have to try to continue to do.

TEANA MILLER (12 Pts, 3 Rebs, 3 Blks)
(On her night offensively) We all knew we had to step up tonight. We were missing Tangela, so we had to add that much more scoring from the bench, and I felt good.

(On her stepping up when Tammy Sutton-Brown fouled out) We go at it everyday in practice, so I just tried to look at it just like practice. When Tammy went down, I knew I had to pick it up and go that hard if not harder.

(On holding Detroit to nine offensive rebounds) That was tough, especially with Cheryl Ford in the middle. She gets every offensive rebound, so I just had to faceguard her to try to keep her off the boards.

(On keeping Ford off the scoreboard) I was just bearing down. Coach Bogues always tells us just to know our person well. He went over what she does with me, and it was up to me to execute."

KELLY MAZZANTE (5 Pts, 1-2 3PT FGs, 2 Stls)
(On her three-pointer that sealed the win) It made me feel good. I know I can make shots like that and know I can contribute. In that situation at the end of the game, I'm going to come in and try to pull it. I appreciate the confidence that coach has in me to put me in that situation.

(On the play of the Sting bench) I think we all feel comfortable enough to come off the bench, play our game and contribute in whatever way that is, knowing that if we make a mistake or two we can work through it.

(On how big the win is) It means a lot. At this point, a win is a win for us, and we're excited about it. We have two more games left to make the most of it.