(On the game) The girls came out and fought hard tonight. They played, they competed, they did everything I asked them to and even more. Holding a team like that to 30 points in the second half and into two overtimes, that�s huge.

(On the changes made) I wanted to keep them positive, to keep thinking that we can win this ball game. We were down eight at halftime, but I still wanted to keep them in the ball game. In the second half we took Detroit to another level. We extended the pressure and tried to make them cough it up tonight.

(On the difference in their rebounding) Boxing out, we put pressure on them. Cheryl Ford is a beast and we started switching up things, making it difficult for her to have space down there by herself. Kristen Rasmussen came off the bench and gave us a big score and Goodson did what she can do. They did an excellent job.

(On the results of their efforts) The way I want them to play is to get up and down the floor. You have to stay in shape. They were running and sustaining. They were relaxed and really poised. Everyone came in and gave us what we needed and really contributed. Collectively we all did a great job.

(On Smith and Sam) They are scorers and did what is expected of them. I am going to expect them to step up when the ball is given to them. That is what is expected of stars, and that�s what each of them are, a heck of a basketball player.

SHERI SAM (26 Pts, 11 Rebs, 5 Asts)
On Coach Bogues� impact on her offense) He just showed some confidence in me. He told my teammates to get me the ball and we did a good job executing. The sets he plays are an advantage to my strengths.

(On the defense) Coach Bogues told us what to do. We�re professionals; we know what defense is about. It�s about heart and intensity, and we have that. We just wanted to go out tonight and scramble and make them turn the ball over.

(On the win) It feels good. I hope we can continue it. We�re just trying to have some fun. We�re playing 40 minutes of basketball and having fun. We�re happy to get the win for our fans more than anything. We saw what we can do when we take care of the basketball, make open shots and play aggressive. Hopefully we can take this to Detroit and build on it.

KRISTEN RASMUSSEN (3 Pts, 1-2 FGs, 1 Reb)
(On her three-pointer in the second overtime) It�s important. It�s just so exciting to be with this team. They�ve had some ups and downs, but it�s good to be here. I�m just happy to contribute, and that�s what I was looking for.

(On her defense of Ruth Riley) I had an opportunity in the first half to watch what the players before beforehand were doing, so I just wanted to maintain that when I went into the game. I think that everybody on this team contributed to the win either on the court or on the bench. It�s just a great win for everybody.

(On the win) It�s great. I can�t imagine what they�ve been through, but to see the excitement on my teammates� faces is priceless. I�m really fired up that I have an opportunity to be a part of that.

(On her mentality coming into the game) I didn�t have one. I want to contribute whatever I can at this point, coming in the last 10 games of the season. Whatever kind of energy and force I can give them is great. I�m just taking opportunities as they come.

(On her defense)We were just getting after them. In the huddle every time, I kept saying that defense is going to win the game. Defense always wins games. That should always be the answer. The offense is going to come and the defense dictates the offense, and we got a lot of points.