(On the game) For the most part I was pretty pleased with their effort. But when you have 24 turnovers, you aren�t going to beat many teams. We�ve got to do a better job protecting the basketball.

(On his first game as a coach) I wasn�t nervous at all. Believe it or not, I wasn�t nervous. I�m really excited for them. I�m just anxious to see how they�re going to perform out there. I�ve enjoyed the short period I�ve had working with them. I put in three sets for them. It�s going to take some time for them to feel comfortable, to understand what it�s all about, be patient and play through aggressively. For the most part they did what I asked. The only thing we didn�t do was protect the basketball. We could get some offensive rebounds too. They get their points off mishaps. It�s not like they were shooting the lights out or drilling inside in the post. They were basically moving, cutting to the point where we�d make a misread and they�d take advantage of it.

(On what led to the loss) I think it was more on us. You can�t take anything away from Sacramento. They�re a well coached team and they play well as a unit. But I think we more or less beat ourselves. We made that run, we tried to search for certain lineups, tried to find a way to go out there and work well together. You got some good hustle play out of Adrienne Goodson. Kristen [Rasmussen] came in and played very well. Tammy [Sutton-Brown] was a major part of the game. We need give them a few more open looks. We got some open shots from Kelly. For the most part, what we ran, I think we got a lot out of it, but we didn�t execute it the way I�d like for us to. I think that�s going to come with time as they understand how to read certain situations.

(On playing with one point guard) We�ve got to search for that. Helen [Darling] played too many minutes. We�ve got to find a way to stop that. I think we�ll do some stuff in practice tomorrow to get better and try to put these young ladies in a situation where they could be effective and where they feel the most comfortable with where they are on the court.

(On whether he�d like Dawn Staley back) Dawn�s a heck of a player. You can�t take anything away from that. Anybody would love to have a Dawn Staley. This is a different situation. The franchise is going in a different direction. It�s a rebuilding stage. It was basically an evaluation for me tonight to see exactly what I have. We have to deal with what we�ve got, and we�re looking forward to getting better in the future.

(On returning to Charlotte) It felt good. I always feel good coming back in this arena. I�ve got some fond memories there. Still some of the same folks are around the arena, so that�s good. It�s good to be back home.

(On the difference between playing and coaching) I couldn�t get out on the floor and help them out and do some of things I thought we could do. It was good to be here. I enjoyed it. I think I�ll dig down a little deeper, do a little more research, look at some films, see how we�re going to get better. That�s the only way we�re going to understand, by teaching each other.

(On the rest of the season) I wasn�t nervous, I wasn�t pressured. It�s nine games, 10 games, but I wish it was the beginning of the season. It is what it is and I understand that. I just want to keep this team together, keep everybody�s morale up and make sure they understand what we�re trying to accomplish here because we are rebuilding and getting ready for next year.

ADRIENNE GOODSON (11 Pts, 7 Rebs, 5-7 FGs)
(On the tempo) I thought that there were times when we played a very up-tempo game, but I think the turnovers cost us a little bit. It cost us a lot. Nobody can have 24 turnovers unless the other team has 24 turnovers as well. The pace was fine. I thought at times we showed greatness, but we�re going to have to get after it on the defensive end. We can�t keep trading baskets with people. You�ve got to get stops and try to get some runs in. If you can�t get a run, pull it out and try to run sets, expose some people and take advantage of mismatches. That takes time.

(On the Bogues� coaching) It�s the first day with him in the competitive situation. I felt good being out there for the time that I was out there, and I think that he�s got a direction that he wants to go in. I think the biggest thing right now is just getting people to buy into his philosophy and what it is that he wants from the team and from each and every person. Once that comes along, I think people will start to settle down and start to play better.

(On her post play with Tangela Smith) I think post players have a special bond. We all want to win. I think as professionals, that is pretty much expected of us. We are starting to become more comfortable with one another.

(On the team�s energy) We had a practice yesterday so we could get a lot more focused. Now is the time for us to play spoiler for other teams. [Coach Bogues] definitely knows the game of basketball, especially with him being a former point guard.

TANGELA SMITH (11 Pts, 5 Rebs)
(On her post play with Tammy Sutton-Brown) We are getting to know each other more on the court. The key is that we know that if we are effective in the post, that will open up more shots from the outside.

(On team energy) I would basically contribute to us playing free and loose. By playing free and loose, you are less stressed but play with a lot more energy. Hopefully we will continue to play with a lot of energy.