(On tonight's game) We�ve got a lot of work to do. We, obviously, looked nervous on offense. We had a lot of turnovers; there were 25 turnovers. We�ve just got to continue to work hard to get in-sync offensively. Just do a much better job of paying attention to detail, making right passes at the right time and continue to play defense for 40 minutes. To hold a team like Washington to 60 points is not a bad thing, but to only score 42 points is. We just have to continue to work, and we have an opportunity to do that tomorrow at Indiana.

(On what caused the poor shooting) I just think maybe nervousness. It was the first time a lot of our players had been in the Coliseum. We got some good looks but the shots didn�t fall. We just have to continue to work and get a better feel for each other. I think Allison (Feaster) will help. We�ve spent the last few days trying to teach her the offense, and hopefully she�ll get some minutes tomorrow at Indiana.

(On the slow start) I thought we might start out slow for the first five minutes, but I didn�t know it was going to last for 40. I thought we might be a little nervous, a little tight on that shooting in the beginning of the game. We just never got into it.

(On how to improve team chemistry) It does come with time. We worked on it a bit off the court and just really us playing on the court is what�s going to give us that. So hopefully we have learned a valuable lesson tonight, so we can go up to Indiana and have a much better performance.


(On what led to the loss) Two things I think were major were 29 percent shooting and our turnovers. We can�t continue to turn the ball over and expect to win. It�s not going to happen in this league. I also think we were flat in our energy tonight. We came out flat and we showed some spurts. We�ve just got to put it together. The level of play is up and everything counts now.

(On what needs to change) Turnovers are a big part, but we can�t continue to shoot 29 percent, 25 percent from three-point range. We�ve got to move the ball up the court to get good shots, better shots, until our shots start falling. We need to get transition stops, some steals, to get us into a flow. I think that would help our percentage.

(On the game) I think you kind of have to put personal accolades behind. We didn�t perform up to standards tonight. I think we just need to come together as a team. I think that�s the only thing holding us back. We have all the talent and everything, we just need to come together as a team and execute.

(On her first game) I still have adjustments to make. I think it will come with time. The first game is always the hardest and I kind of showed that I can play up to my standards, but I think there�s plenty more things I can get done. You�ve just got to put this game behind you and move on to the next.

(On what needs improvement) The first game is always the hardest. It�s just a transition period, and I think I have a few games to go to improve and be on the same page as the rest of my teammates. With time I�ll get there, and with time our team will get there. It�s the first game of the season, we can�t put everything on this. We played good in spurts, and we played bad in spurts.